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Water filter system
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jbrownlow 30-Jan-19
Brotsky 30-Jan-19
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Teeton 30-Jan-19
Franklin 30-Jan-19
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Beendare 31-Jan-19
Mule Power 01-Feb-19
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Stryker 04-Feb-19
AsiaHorner 03-Sep-20
From: jbrownlow
Looking for suggestions for a good back country water filter system. Would love something that will filter right into a bladder in the pack (gravity or pump fed).

From: Brotsky
Platypus gravity works is pretty tough to beat but for simplicity and price I like the Sawyer squeeze.

From: Nick Muche
If the water is clear and you don't actually need to filter it, Aquamira drops are hard to beat for weight, ease of use and a lot less work than running a pump, etc.

From: Destroyer350
I use a katadyn hiker pro with the quick disconnect to my bladder. The problem I have when pumping the water into my bladder is that it also pumps air into the bladder turning it into a balloon - sometimes I think it's going to explode. I'm gonna pick up a gravity filter with a quick disconnect hoping it doesn't cause the same issue.

From: Teeton
Destroyer350 I have the same filter and never had that problem. I always service whole pump and clean and dry filter right after I'm done using it on a trip. Also re-lube pump most times once on a 2 week hunt.

From: Franklin
Question is do you want a microfilter or a purifier …...I actually use a gravity bag filter for my food water that gets boiled and a hand pump purifier for drinking water.

From: CurveBow
I have always used the Katydin filter system. These were formerly by PUR. Have never gotten ill using it and they last a long time in my experience. Just don't get one that has iodine in the filter. I bought one once and used it on a hunt in CO. All the water was orange and tasted like crap. Threw that filter away once I got home!

From: lv2bohunt
Sawyer squeeze is pretty easy and does a great job

From: Mule Power

Mule Power's embedded Photo
Mule Power's embedded Photo
Love the lever action pump on my Katadyn Vario much better than the in and out pump on the Pro Hiker. It makes water FAST too. It screws right onto Nalgene bottles too. Remember never to over pressure the filter by pumping too hard.

From: Predeter
The last 3 years I've gone to the Sawyer mini inline on my bladder hose. It's not perfect but if you have access to reasonably clear water its awesome to just dunk your bladder and go. Used the hiker pro and Sawyer mini with the gravity bags in the past and prefer the mini inline.

From: PushCoArcher
I have the platypus gravity works 4.0L if you need to filter a lot of water say for your whole camp of 3-4 guys it's great. But I've found it unnecessary for one man especially if you're going to be packing it around. I plan on trying a Sawyer myself this year.

From: sasquatch
anybody know of a powered pump/filter for a base camp that don't cost a fortune?

Check out the Grayl bottles. I bought one last year and love it. I would filter, then fill other bottles, filling the Grayl last. I can filter and fill circles around pumps.

From: Beendare
I literally tossed my Sawyer gravity filter in the trash after my last elk hunt. I back flushed after use as directed- clog. New filter for $50, clog right away. The crazy thing is the water I was putting in it was pretty darn clear.

I hate pumping but those units are a lot more reliable IME.

From: Mule Power
Gravity filters are like watching paint dry! I like my water TODAY

From: elkstabber
Sawyer mini squeeze. $20 or so from Amazon. Flush/backflush with some chlorine and dry out after each trip. Put it in your sleeping bag at night so it doesn't freeze. Buy a new one every year. Simple, reliable, and fast.

From: Stryker
I’ve used the katadyn pump filter for several years with no problems and also use their gravity bag at my base camp. One thing that I also do is to keep the pump and screen hose in a separate ziplock bag than the discharge hose to make sure that you won’t get any cross contamination.

From: AsiaHorner
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