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From: olebuck
Looking to run some fresh meat through the grinder this weekend. Was wanting to make some fresh breakfast sausage.

anyone have any recipes for good fresh breakfast sausage seasoning?

also interested in making some summer sausage if anyone has something for that as well.

From: shiloh
Jim, Go to Rebel butcher in Pearl for any meat processing/seasoning needs.


31-Jan-19 is where I buy all my breakfast sausage. Just picked up 50# of pork butt yesterday for .99 # to make into breakfast sausage. Gonna try the low sodium version this time.

From: Inshart
Google "sausage seasonings bowsite". there are a bunch.

Here's one that came up ...


IdyllwildArcher's Link
Try this one, it's really good:

8 lbs venison

2 lbs pork fat

5 tbsp salt

1 tbsp white pepper

2 tbsp sage

1 tbsp garlic

1 tsp ginger

1 tbsp mace or nutmeg

1 tbsp ground thyme

Mix all the spices in 1-2 cups of cold water. Put the meat/fat through the course grind once, add the spice mix and mix the meat well, then send the meat through the course grind again.

This sausage can also be used for Italian dishes - just add bread crumbs and egg for meatballs. Mix this sausage 50/50 with any unseasoned ground meat, add egg, bread crumbs, and tomato sauce or enchilada sauce and it makes a good meatloaf.

The link is to a fantastic chorizo recipe that midwest recently linked. I've made it twice now and it's amazing. I don't do the steps, just add all the ingredients together with the red wine vinegar and tequila, send the meat through the course grind, add the spices, and then send it through the course grind again. I use 1/2 Ancho and 1/2 Pasilla for the peppers besides the Cayenne and Chipotle. All the ingredients can be found on Amazon including the Achiote paste and ground Mexican Oregano which are essential ingredients. I also add 1 tbsp of Paprika per 5 lbs of the recipe which I think makes it a little better. I also don't stuff it into sausage links - not necessary.

For all my sausage, I just roll it into 1-2 lb balls and drop it into a vacuum seal bag then vacuum seal the balll then flatten it out by hand once sealed so that the thin bricks of meat stack nicely and thaw quickly.

From: Jethro
^^This^^. Have made a few batches. Excellent.

From: Fuzz
Butcher and Packer

From: midwest
Ha....was just eating some of that chorizo this morning for meal #2, Ike.

From: Nomad @ work

Nomad @ work's Link
Grandpa Josh's is what I've been using exclusively for years now.

Country Style in a small sheep casing (22mm) with high temp cheddar & pepper jack cheese. Throw it in the smoker. Your friends will think your a sausage god! Awesome with eggs & pancakes.

I've used most of their seasonings over the years & have yet to be disappointed.

Every year I say I'm going to start experimenting with my making my own recipes but every year I want to make some good product before I try it. Last year's summer sausage was bland. This year my dad saw some summer sausage seasoning at a local Farm and Fleet store. The brand was Chard and it came out perfect from the smoker. I really liked that one. 20#s deer and 5# pork. Never tried their breakfast sausage stuff. Someone posted a deer pastrami recipe I gotta try next year but otherwise I'll make some of the Hi-Mountain Jerky and sticks I like and the summer sausage from Chard. Hopefully save myself enough to start experimenting with my own recipes.

From: ohiohunter
LEM Backwoods summer sausage seasoning has never let us down.

From: Catscratch
Morton's Sausage and Meatloaf season is great! I don't think it tastes anything like meatloaf though.

From: 320 bull
I have been using the legs brand #210 for my summer sausage and been real happy with it. I always add high temp colby jack and crushed red pepper.

From: PAOH
Con yeager, I have tried 3 different kinds of breakfast sausage mix they make: pork sausage, pork sausage with sage & blueberry maple .All are excellent

From: dirtclod Az.
I go with sage and Cumin.

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