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Dwight Schuh, great video
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Inshart 31-Jan-19
Dale06 31-Jan-19
Ollie 31-Jan-19
StickFlicker 31-Jan-19
midwest 31-Jan-19
Mt. man 31-Jan-19
Scar Finga 31-Jan-19
Mt. man 31-Jan-19
dakotaduner 31-Jan-19
Kevin Dill 31-Jan-19
SlipShot 31-Jan-19
Hawkeye 31-Jan-19
drycreek 31-Jan-19
longsprings 02-Feb-19
WV Mountaineer 02-Feb-19
Jeff Holchin 04-Feb-19
From: Inshart
After seeing the thread about Dwight fighting cancer, I remembered this video of him being charged by a moose. Hope it comes through.

From: Dale06
Did not come through.

From: Ollie
There is a link to this video over on the Leatherwall.

From: StickFlicker

StickFlicker's Link

From: midwest

From: Mt. man
FYI, Dwight could use all of our prayers right now. He has battled cancer for many years and just came down with a bad case of Pneumonia that the Dr.'s are having a hard time getting control of. He could use healing prayers RIGHT NOW. 1/31/19

From: Scar Finga
Prayer Sent from AZ!!!!

From: Mt. man
I just spoke to his daughter and she is pretty sure her dad is not coming home from the hospital as the pneumonia has the cancer cells going crazy and they moved him into hospice. :-(

From: dakotaduner
I don't know what to say. Dwight's writings have always been a inspiration to me and I'm sure to everyone. My thoughts and prayers to his family

From: Kevin Dill
God bless Dwight Schuh.

From: SlipShot
Love that video, I just got a little caught up with the comments. Wow, there is nothing new there, but it still blows my mind how many stupid people there are in the world. I love the guy that wrote "Bows aren't that efficient.". Obviously he know nothing.

From: Hawkeye
Prayers sent Dwight :)

From: drycreek
Mt. Man, that's sad news, but I appreciate the update.

From: longsprings
Dwight is the man, he has inspired me for years with his writing and videos. He is in my prayers

Prayers sent.

Praying from NC that God's will be done. Dwight is a tremendous bowhunter and writer. Love that video, and his reaction after the charge.

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