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From: yooper89

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A good read. Having my bell rung countless times in hockey and football, CTE freaks me out. Hairston was a man who had it all. I can only hope he's chasing big rams up there.

From: Nick Muche
Sad stuff

From: Aubs8
Wow...very sad....very enlightening....

From: kota-man
Great article...sad story....Tragic...

From: Adak Caribou
He was a true inspiration. Worked his way up with hard work and perseverance. So very sad! I wish his family the best.

From: Brotsky
Very sad and very informative article. I really hope and pray we can find solutions for the problem of CTE.


Dang that's sad.

From: Zim
Thanks for sharing the article. Tragic, but it is important for this message to get out. Thoughts and prayers for his family

From: Hancock West
Very sad. He was a legend who had it all. But I am surprised the NYT's actually wrote a good article about a conservative, hunter, & Don Jr friend. Good to see them finally report on something impartially.

From: Bowfreak
So sad. I can't imagine a family having to go through this type of loss. It's awful to think about how bad of a situation one is living that they take their own life. I hate that Jason suffered the way he did. I hate that anyone has to suffer like this. Terrible stuff.

From: wild1
Good article, but a tough read. Prayers for his family.

From: Shiras42
Truly tragic. There just are not words for how heartbroken I am for all that knew him.

Reading those comments of the anti's (anti hunting and anti contact sport) .. Made me very angry as well. Its very telling how ignorant people are... I played football for years and I suffer from some of the same symptoms talked about in this article and others I've read. but what people don't understand is 25 years ago, CTE wasn't even on the radar. Nobody thought or knew about the long term effects of contact sports would have on the body and mind.

From: Inshart
Great article ... I didn't read any of the "anti" bullshit as I knew it would only piss me off. Often wondered "why?" now I know. God bless his family and friends.

Wow........very informative, and very sad. I can't imagine those young kids having to live with that day for the rest of their lives.

I met Jason briefly at the Sheep show in Reno, great guy was very personable. Pray that his family finds piece and celebrates his life.


From: Pyrannah
Tough deal

Hard to imagine the kids moving forward

The household atmosphere had to be tough towards the end

From: TurboT
Tough read about a great guy. RIP

From: M.Pauls
Truly sad. Brings some closure to the extremely un-expected event to have confirmation of CTE.

From: Bou'bound
He killed himself with two kids under 10 home alone to deal with it. That is truly an indication of how sick he was.

From: APauls
It's so sad and so difficult to dwell on. I can't imagine what that family went through.

Tragic. Very sad story. I am Impressed with his wife’s openness.

From: tobywon
Wow, so sad is all I can say. I just got to the end of the article and closed it. Glad I didn't read any of the anti's comments. I agree with you on that Bou, tells you how sick this condition really made him.

From: Trial153
While a small portion of the comments are truly disgusting and ignorant I think its import to note that the majority make no reference to hunting and address the illness and humanistic theme of the article. The take away should be that those are the people we need to reach as hunters. The middle 80% that don't hold much if any very views on hunting. I am the thankful this article is as tasteful, well written and well presented as it is.

God Speed Jason.

From: midwest
So horrible to do that while your young kids are in the house. Hard for me to get over that part of it. I pray for them.

From: CurveBow
RIP Jason. May all the rams be Booners and may GOD watch over your family....

From: Owl
His kids need to know his passing was as inevitable as if he dropped dead of a heart attack. His pathology was such that he did not make a intentional decision. CTE robbed him of the ability to know what he was doing.

From: sureshot
Difficult to imagine the struggles he and his family fought, hopefully his wife and children can overcome the pain placed upon them.

From: Dikndirt
I would never want to pass judgement on Jason . I can only hope and pray that his family can find peace and realize that their love helped him hang on as long as he did.

From: bighorn
Prayers sent to Jason and Family!

From: Treeline
Still can’t believe he’s gone and so very sad about the circumstances.

Keeping Kirstyn, Coco, and Cash in our prayers.

I know Jason will be up there rooting on all the hardcore hunters to give it all you got and then just keep on pushing, then smiling at our successes.

Damn glad I got to spend a little time with you while you were here and absolutely gonna miss you. RIP.

From: DL
My son in law and his brother played contact football from 8 yrs old both played college football. Brother was drafted by patriots and the other was approached by scouts to play arena football. Son in law does not want his boys playing tackle football until HS if even that. One study was done on lineman. By four years in college between practice and playing they averaged 50,000 helmet to helmet contacts. Thinking of the boxers I’ve watched since the 50s I’m thinking that Caucasians can’t handle blows to the head like many minorities can. I believe that is holding true with the CTE cases. Jason was so young. Seeing the Kuiu add with his boy on that sheep Hunt is just gut wrenching.

Hard to imagine the pain he must have been in to do that. He had the tiger by the tail. Hoping his family can find peace someday.

From: SteveB
I also intentionally avoided the comments and glad I did. This whole thing makes me sick. At first aid passed judgement on him as selfish for disregarding his family. Now Im not sure that is fair.

From: mn_archer
His wife is a super hero, the kind of woman anyone would be lucky to know in any form. Good for her for sticking it out. It couldn't have been easy

I cant imagine being in his position

From: Adak Caribou
He was a true inspiration. Worked his way up with hard work and perseverance. So very sad! I wish his family the best.

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