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Bears and the moon
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From: Crossbow
I’m planning a fall bear hunt over bait in Maine for this year. I was checking the moon for the season. The first week there is almost no moon at all the second week it begins to fill out the 3rd week its almost full. Does the moons brightness effect the movement of bears like it does white tails. Or is there any suggestions on what week would be best. The other times I gave gone it’s been the second week with good success but I never payed attention to the moon.

From: flyingbrass
I am thinking bears get hungry and horny no matter the moon phase.

From: Mcadam17
So I've been on a bunch of bear hunts and I've tried to research this. From what I've seen it doesnt have much of a affect on bear sightings.

From: Bou'bound

From: Basil
40 years of fall bear hunting tells me full moon= tough hunting. Wind,rain & heat make it tough too.

From: Mule Power
Bears have night vision goggles. Plus like flyingbrass mentioned... the moon never kept him from picking up chicks.

From: Gregnjbh
Your biggest concern for a fall hunt in maine or elsewhere should be the acorn,beach nut and other natural foods in woods. Lots of natural food=slow bait activity. Poor nut crop the baits will be more active.Good Luck

From: Owl
If I had to go to Maine, depending on the outfitter, I would go the 1st week or not at all. Moon phase would have no value.

From: Drahthaar
The moon effects everything, and bears rut in the spring not in the fall. Forrest

From: milnrick
Drahthaar beat me to it. The bear rut happens in late May and June.

Food sources are the key, fall bears want to chow down, store fat for the big sleep.

From: Ken Taylor
In nature there are always exceptions, but:

Weather is much more important than the moon.

Also, fall bears are more unpredictable time wise than in the spring - they can show up anytime... especially if they are not fat enough and hibernation is close.

... but then, I only know Canadian bears, lol.

+1 for weather over moon. All day rain is no good, days of intermittent rain can be great though, they seem to all come out to feed after some rain. I'm speaking on Canadian bears as well though and don't know a thing about baiting as it's all spot and stalk where I am.

From: flyingbrass
as usual the first post nails it

From: elmer@laptop
in 15 years of bear hunting I have never found moon to affect bears. if they are hungry or horny they are active.

I've never shot a nature boar during a full moon phase.

From: Ursman
Why Maine? Go to Canada where the bogus live!

From: jmail20

jmail20's embedded Photo
jmail20's embedded Photo
Just shot a mature boar on May 5th in Manitoba. The picture is the almost full moon rising the night before I shot.

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