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Moose - Arrow Weight Recommendation
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Looking for some advice here.

I've booked my Yukon trip for next year, beyond excited.

I'd like some info on arrow weight for this critter.

I'm currently at 62 lbs, on the RX3, Maxims SD 350, 100 grain head, complete arrow is 505 Gr.

Is this enough of an arrow?

Thx in advance!

From: GLB
I would recommend using an Easton F.M.J. 340 they have 11.3 g.p.i. with maybe a 125gn cut on contact head to keep your f.o.c. above 10%. 70lbs+ and a range finder might help as well.

From: bentstick
Your setup sounds fine to me, just put one in the right place and then post some pictures when you get back!

From: Bigpizzaman
I shot 2 Moose last season with a nearly identical setup!

Shoot what you hunt with you will be fine moose are not that tuff poke one in the boiler maker post pictures

From: Bowboy
You should be fine!

From: Trial153
Fixed blade head, for sure.

From: ki-ke
I'm stoked for ya!! The Yukon is an incredible destination.

Your set up is fine. I shot my Yukon bull with a similar set up shooting just north of 300 FPS and had 2 complete passthroughs on my bull. Was shooting NAP Hell Razors at the time.

Who are you hunting with?

From: GF
Just as a point of reference....

To get an arrow of that weight up to 250 fps, a guy with an honest 28” draw length would need a good recurve of about #95.

And I’d bet that more than one big moose has been killed with half of that.

Personally, I’d go with a bit heavier arrow, but if your tune is good and you don’t handicap your arrow with a high-resistance Broadhead design.... its kind of like asking if a .375 H&H is up to the task. I wouldn’t load it with lightweight hollowpoints intended for muzzleloader velocities, but... Unless you commit an act of willful stupidity...

I recently acquired a nifty little longbow bow that gives me about the same poundage that you’ve got, and with an arrow of about 550 grains, I wouldn’t hesitate to take it after anything on the continent.

From: Ambush
You’re good. Unless you’re real close, stay away from the leg. Moose have big lungs

From: Treeline
Buried a 450 grain arrow with a 150 grain Suffer to the fletches off a 60# longbow on my one moose experience in Wyoming. Stopped in the offside shoulder blade. I would say your setup will be fine if you don’t hit a leg bone. If anything, get a heavier broadhead for more FOC.

From: Bou'bound
Rich as well as you shoot you’ll be just fined

From: Tradmike
That setup will be fine, if you are using a cut on contact broadhead.

From: JSW
Don't change anything for this hunt unless you are planning to change your setup from now forward. Keep things consistent and you will be better off. Your set up is good enough already.

I guess you didn't specify what broadhead you are shooting. I would not recommend an expandable for moose. In that case, I would suggest a change.

I'm not knocking expandable broadheads but the mechanical process and the wider cutting width can use up a lot of energy and affect penetration.

From: t-roy
I killed both of my bulls with 100gr. Wasp heads with no problems, except operator error. I’d think you should be fine. Good luck on your hunt, Rich!

Thanks much fellas.

Just making sure from guys who have been.

I will be using Iron Will Outfitters heads.

Really do appreciate all the input. This hunt is Septemeber 2020, enough time to get so very ready.

From: Dale06
That set up, with Iron Will BHs will be deadly, if you are.

Moose skin is really thick. Especially high on the shoulder. I’d want a heavy arrow.

From: Ambush
^ Dead Moose Walking!! Aim one third the way up from bottom and stay way from the leg.

What time in September are you booked?

Received my Iron Will 250s last week. Low resistance angle and width. Very sharp. The 200s would be perfect. The amount of penetration I’m getting is ridiculous. 999.4 grains. With more LBs

From: Hawkeye
My setup was similar to JTV and had complete pass through. Yours would be great as well.

What an epic adventure that will be! Can't wait to hear about it:)

From: Matt
You didn't state which BH, but other than considering a stout COC I wouldn't change a thing. I killed a moose with a 400 gr. arrow at 60# the year I was recovering from a shoulder separation.

From: Treeline
With that broadhead, you got plenty! As Ambush said “Dead Moose Walking”. He just don’t know it yet:-)

From: Buck Norris
I’ve killed multiple moose with less than your set up. You’ll be fine.

:^) Thx Bou and all who have contributed. Very good point above ^^^^^ I will stick with the set up until then, there are a few animals that will be in front of this set up before then.

Cesar Lake Outfitters was my choice...

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