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From: gobble50
Met a guy here that swears by planting carrots in a small food plot. I’m generally a Clover/mix guy & never heard of planting carrots. Anyone have any experience with carrots? Opinions? Not sure I could keep rabbits off the tops.....

From: drycreek
Don't know about carrots, but if you had carrot cake, you could get a good broadside shot at me ! ;-)

Carrot cake.....Mmmmm...

From: jcurri
I'd kill for some carrots cake about now.

From: Tooth
I mean, it makes sense theyre just a different root vegetable with a different sugar profile than turnips, radishes, etc.

I have a friend who will throw out seeds from leftover melon and pumpkin packets from planting his vegetable garden. Makes me think I should be scooping up all the leftover, discounted seed packs at Wal-Mart after the summer and use them next year. Variety in a food plot is always good.

From: DoorKnob
Deer eat just about anything growing. Think about it. Compared to ... say .. a tree...

carrot seed might be a pricey way to go about it, but I do believe in variety, especially given the timing of things. When is starts to get cold, go smell a garden carrot. You can smell sugar, and so can they.

From: dirtclod Az.
Here in Az.they run and burst into flames.LUNCH IS READY! Giddy Up!

From: Inshart
I remember when I was about 10 or so, I used to get into Mom's garden, pull a carrot, wipe the dirt off (some of it anyway) and chow down - didn't get any better than that - other than the pea pods. Memories ............. thanks Gobble50.

From: Schmitty78
Never tried carrots, but wouldn’t surprise me. Planted a few hundred pumpkins last year on a recommendation from a neighbor who is an organic farmer, and the deer devoured them!!

Got the idea from my dad, growing up he would leave the carrots in the ground (garden) and go dig them up when we needed carrots for something for the family to eat, in salads or for cooking. Would stay good most of the winter as long as there was a good snow cover. Once in a while the deer would find them and dig them up. So he would lay snow fence over the top of them to keep the deer from getting them. Jump ahead 20 years and I would get seeds from a friend that owned a green house. As a Conservation/ Agriculture teacher I would use them for the students in the schools green house the extras, I took home would open all the packages and mix them in with some rape seed and use for small plots. worked great. Deer will eat most anything in a garden. Down fall you end up with a lot of not target type animals as well in food plot. Not sure more than normal though. If the plot is a little wet the carrots will basically rot in the ground. Never tried it on a large scale like an all carrot plot or ;larger than 1/4 acre. but the deer love them

Mmmmm...carrot cake....

From: t-roy
Is it Roundup Ready?

From: lawdy
The feed stores up here sell 50 pound bags of carrots to the deer baiters. They must like them. I know they like the tops to the carrots in my garden.

From: Two Feathers
There is a petting zoo with deer where I take the grandkids. The deer like carrots.

From: cnelk
Potatoes. Deer love 'em, especially after they freeze. The sugar content breaks down and its like crack to them

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