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CO unit 76 options?
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oldlongdraw 03-Feb-19
Buglmin 03-Feb-19
Beendare 03-Feb-19
oldlongdraw 04-Feb-19
Fauntleroy 04-Feb-19
From: oldlongdraw
70 year old NR bowhunter asking for opinions/options for elk in CO unit 76. I have hunted CO otc units several times since 1970 and taken a dz elk with bow (largest 290). Also hunted 76 in early 2000's (passed on small bulls) accessed from Silverton and hunted near Pole Creek. I hope to draw this year for what will probably be my last chance to hunt a decent draw unit. Am in fair shape (old knees not as good as they used to be), hope to have my son traveling with me. All previous hunts have been DIY camping in a tent. Just looking for suggestions, not trying to take anyones secret areas.

From: Buglmin
If you hunted Ploe Creek in the past, why not hunt it again? 76 has changed since you hunted it several years ago. The dead trees have certain areas tough to reach cause of the deadfall. Maybe look into an outfitter willing to pack you in someplace. That might be your best bet. Areas around the Rio Grand Resivour get hunted and the elk just move deeper into the canyons.

From: Beendare
One option would be to utilize the dedicated ATV trails that go many miles into that country....then hike into a spot.

Heck one forum guy Don V here killed one right in camp.

From: oldlongdraw
Tks for the replys. My last elk hunt was in CO unit 79 in 2009. Took my nephew along for his first elk hunt. Called in several bulls and we both got 5x5's. Not too much in favor of ATV use (believe they spook elk?) Know lot has probably changed in 76 since I hunted there. Mainly concerned about fire and beetle damage. If I draw this year, will do lots more research and post again. May consider drop camp option, etc.

From: Fauntleroy
Check your PM's. If there was a trail that wasn't Wilderness I saw quads and motorcycles. For example, I spent some time up West Lost Creek and was watching a big bull tend his cows when a motorcycle pulled up at the very top of that drainage above treeline on the trail. The elk didn't like it anymore than I did. Stay on the Wilderness side of the unit and you can avoid them.

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