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New Concept Bear Defense
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David A. 03-Feb-19
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Beendare 05-Feb-19
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From: David A.
I've decided to withdraw the text, pretty good concept...

I think that could work.

From: elkstabber
The STAR system for bear defense? Brilliant!!!

From: Scrappy
I'll guess, shoot your hunting partner in the leg.

No that can't be it thats old school bear defense.

How about a good bear defense starts with a good bears offense.

No that can't be it either. The bears don't have a good offense.

Ok I give up what is it?

From: Beendare
Oh heck, I know what it is;

You wait until the bear is almost on you.... and then you draw your Black Swan Carbon Recurve and the exploding pieces of carbon from the limbs embed themselves in the bears face getting him to turn and run.

[Those old Black Swans are famous for blowing the limbs, my buddy had one the bowyer Arvin flaked on him, shattered like a plate glass window on the first shot with a 450 gr arrow]

Now the problem is you may end up with a flesh wound from the bow yourself...worth the risk?

Could do the same thing with MANY of the older Bowtechs!

From: jeck66
I am confused... what is going on in this thread???

From: happygolucky
Put up goal posts. The bears seem to stay away from them.

From: elkstabber
"I am confused... what is going on in this thread??? "

The original poster David A had a brilliant idea about how to repel bears but then changed his mind and didn't want to share it. Just like his foolproof shooting method where he hits everything he wants to kill but doesn't want to share it with us. Apparently David A shoots a Black Swan carbon recurve.

When David A decides to share his brilliant ideas he'll probably get a Nobel Peace Prize for all of the bear attacks that will be avoided. Many people will owe their lives to David A.

From: GF
ROFL, Stabby!

Seems like a bright guy with a lot of good ideas and experience....

But not so good with the Sharing thing, I’m afraid.

From: Beendare
Yeah, just some internet banter....I don't know David A.... but I have seen him pump Black Swans and this STAR shooting he promises is a revolution- about 8 years now...and nuthin.

It is true my buddy Chuck has a Black Swan exploder....maybe they have it worked out now...but my buddy is out $800 with no restitution.

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