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Poundage for whitetail vs mulies?
Whitetail Deer
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Tdvorak 04-Feb-19
standswittaknife 04-Feb-19
mountainman 04-Feb-19
njbuck 04-Feb-19
timex 04-Feb-19
APauls 04-Feb-19
Jaquomo 04-Feb-19
Treeline 04-Feb-19
Bou'bound 04-Feb-19
Treeline 04-Feb-19
JTV 04-Feb-19
Dale06 04-Feb-19
Buffalo1 04-Feb-19
GF 04-Feb-19
FullTime 06-Feb-19
Treeline 06-Feb-19
From: Tdvorak
What pound draw weight are you using for whitetails or mule deer?

Same , and for elk, moose, bear, they are all the same..

From: mountainman
Yep. No real need to worry about shooting different weights between most NA species.

From: njbuck
I am shooting a 70 pound bow with a 28 1/2" draw and shooting a 420 grain arrow and I am blowing through the deer I am shooting. There are people shooting WAY less poundage wise and still getting pass throughs. You don't need much to take down a deer.

From: timex
I'm shooting an old bowtec 101st airborne 60# 26" draw not sure of my arrow weight but I shoot 27" pse radial × weave 200s with 150 gr fixed 2 edge & shoot thru whitetail any way there standing

From: APauls
Crank it up another pound for mulies vs whitetails ;) jk

From: Jaquomo
I got a complete passthrough and near-instant kill on my first muley 46 years ago with a 39# Wing target recurve.

From: Treeline
Lou beat me to it.

Killed a lot of deer - whitetail and mule with a 40# Redwing Hunter, cedar arrows and Bear broadheads.

I do like more weight for elk and would say a 45-50# traditional bow would be better.

Just gotta put that broadhead in the right place!

From: Bou'bound
Why would you shoot less than you can accurately shoot at anything. No downside if your accuracy is the same at higher.

Need to be able to draw in the cold though on some game

From: Treeline
I have been using longbows from 57 to 62# on everything for the last 20 years. Bunnies to buffaloes:-)

From: JTV
No difference from one to the other ... I actually went up 2 lbs, from 62 to 64 lbs pushing a GT Hunter XT 75/95 (340) at 405 grs 303 fps ... waaay more than enough for either deer ...

From: Dale06
I shoot 64 pounds on everything from turkeys to moose.

From: Buffalo1
Question for the recurve shooters- What is the average FPS for a 40# recurve, 50# recurve and a 60# recurve?

From: GF
Best reason I can think of to shoot higher poundage for Mulies is that they are often found in areas that hold Elk.

I have a new bow that I hope to use for Elk at about #61 net off my fingers; my back-up nets out at about #53, I think. And my retirement plan drops a bit shy of #50.

From: FullTime
i stick with 50 for everything. it is easy to handle and gives all the power and speed I need.

From: Treeline
Buffalo1, that is an almost impossible question to answer with all the variables.

Never really consider speed much with traditional equipment but I did shoot my homemade longbow through a chrono a few times and with a light, 425 grain arrow, I was getting over 200 FPS. That bow is 57# at my draw length. Some of my 60-70# bows were not as fast with the same arrows! I typically don’t hunt with arrows that light though.

Have heard guys say they are getting over 200fps off 50# bows, but typically they have a longer draw and are pulling more weight at their draw length as well as having a longer push on the arrow.

Haven’t shot any lighter weight bows through the chrono to know much about them. Interestingly, for lighter draw weights, you will get better performance on game with heavier, slower arrows with higher FOC.

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