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Decent inexpensive binoculars
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lewis 04-Feb-19
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lewis 05-Feb-19
From: lewis
Need some advice we are in our home in Florida and I left my Leica binoculars in our Tennessee home.My wife wants a decent pair to leave here to be used mostly for watching birds and wildlife. I’m thinking in the 10 power range any suggestions will be appreciated.Lewis

From: APauls
Minox 8x44BL are way better than their pricepoint suggest. Not sure if they make em in a 10.

From: Trial153
Call Doug at cameraland. He has 20 percent off GPO. Really good prices on that glass.

From: Boatman71
I have a pair of Leupold McKenzie binocs that are extremely clear and durable. I think they were $159 new. Very impressive for the price.

From: Mule Power

From: maxracx
Vortex Diamondback 8x42, get light transmission with very good FOV. Should be around $200.

From: jdee
X2 on Minox.........x2 on calling Doug at cameraland ! He will definitely get you set up right.

From: Jaquomo
Minox, Styrka, Steiner, Leupold Mojave. All make very good 10X optics for the price point.

From: Hancock West
Nikon Monarch 5 10x42 for $299.

From: JohnMC

JohnMC's Link
On Camofire currently:

From: elvspec
I second what Maxracx (i think I spelled that right) said.

From: Pyrannah
I hated diamondbacks

From: tobywon
I got a pair of Nikon Aculon's as an anniversary gift at work. Everyone that uses them comment how clear they are. They are 8X but I know they come in 10X as well. When you say decent and inexpensive and only for bird/wildlife watching, I would check them out. They also sell them at Walmart, so she can try them out before buying. They are around $100.

From: stagetek
Vortex 10X42 Diamondbacks.

From: timex
take a look at Hawke optics I recently bought a scope & bino's & am happy with the quality for the $

From: wild1
Nikon Monarch, one of the best values in the market.

From: DanaC
A lot of people find steadying a 10X to be difficult. An 8x42 will give plenty of magnification and low-light capability.

From: bad karma
define inexpensive.

From: Aubs8
Pentax 10x42

From: Kodiak
Agree with the Nikon monarch suggestions.

From: Buffalo1

Buffalo1's Link
Ive got a pair of these Bushnell H20 binos at my hunting cabin. I use them to look out the front door to just watch. They are pretty clear and if they get stolen, I have not lost a great deal of cost. I caught my on a special Cabela's sale on day for $29.95 and figured I could not go wrong. My hunch was correct. Will be had for find another this deal this good but Optics Planet does have a good price on the binos for none super serious use.

Look at the C Series, Maven’s

Enjoy your FLA!

From: x-man
Best advice I ever got with optics was this...

"If you don't spend at least $250, then you might as well not spend any more than $50."

From: md5252

From: lewis
Thanks all great feedback Lewis

While more popular with bird watchers, you may want to look at Vanguard Endeavor or Spirit ED’s. Pretty good glass for the money.

From: Franklin
One man`s decent and inexpensive is $75....another`s is $750. I personally like the mid range Leupolds for "house" binos.

Agree with Nikon Monarchs. Most underrated glass out there IMO. There's not a huge difference between the better Vortex glass and Monarchs.

From: Bou'bound
Nikon monarch

From: lamb
maven .I think they are out of lander wy. my wife loves hers

From: Jack Harris

Styrkas hands down about 280.00

From: Ambush
For bird watching in particular the Nikon Monarchs are rated high for true color rendition.

From: Loprofile
I just bought vortex diamondbacks from Cabela’s for $140. Very impressed for southern bowhunting

From: jbrownlow
I just got a pair of Maven B.1s. They are a little pricey in the 10x ($950) but they compare with a swaro or high end leupold.

They also have the C series, which is in the $300 range.

From: EMB
I don't know your definition of inexpensive or decent. 8-10 years ago , I bought some 8 x 42 Kahles. I think the glass is made by Zeiss. At the time they cost about $650. I have more expensive glass, but I've been very happy with these and regularly hunt with them.

From: sdkhunter
For the 200 - $300 price range, either the Vortex Diamondbacks or the Nikon Monarchs are hard to beat. IMO - the Diamondbacks are going to be a little cheaper than the Monarchs but I give the nod overall to the Monarchs...

A few years ago, I gave a friend a pair of Diamondbacks that I had picked up cheap - he likes to hunt but has always had REALLY crappy glass (think 30-50 crappy) - he was so excited with them you would have thought I gave him a pair of $1500 binos... Just depends on your budget I guess...

From: lewis
Both my wife and I carry Leicas while hunting what I’m going to get is a pair to leave at our Florida home.A lot of options here and as always the Bowsiters came through thank you all.Lewis

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