New Barry Wensel vids are avail.
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From: Single bevel
I saw Barry at the Harrisburg show. He had a big stack of his newest 1 and 2. I watched a little bit of part 1...gonna watch some more right now ;-))))

I am hoping to go and see him on Thursday. Did he have a BIG stack?

From: Zbone

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Seen where Barry posted over on the LeatherWall a little bit ago but must have missed this thread here, so for those interested:

Barry Wensel - Date: 06-Feb-19 -

" Just a short note to keep everyone updated. The new DVDs were finally delivered in Harrisburg on Saturday 2/2/19 and are available for sale here at the NRA's Great American Outdoors Show. Unfortunately, I won't be home to fill orders until Feb. 13th. Please wait until I get home to order them as it will probably lessen the chance of losing orders on the road. I think these DVDs will become very popular because I've spilled the beans on a few secret whitetail hunting techniques that have worked well for me over the years. I don't guarantee much but I'll bet they'll make everyone who views them a better whitetail hunter. I want to share them with other "students of the whitetails" before I take the secrets to the grave with me. After you have the opportunity to watch the DVDs, please share them with your hunting partners and especially the kids who need to learn our old woodsmanship skills desperately seemingly these past few years. Thanks again for all your patience. BW"

From: Busta'Ribs
Had the pleasure of visiting with Barry and Susan yesterday at the show. They are just wonderful folks to be around. Barry’s seminars are one hour condensed versions of his boot camps. I was very fortunate to have attended one of his last camps last year, and sitting in his seminar yesterday took me back to the lodge in southern Iowa, listening to Uncle Barry’s wisdom spilling out, rapid fire, in his unique and often hilarious manner. Barry is a real treasure and every opportunity to see him should not be taken lightly. He is in Harrisburg, in a booth and doing seminars daily, today through Sunday. If you can get there to see him I promise you, you will not regret it. And he did still have plenty of dvd’s left!

From: Single bevel
What busta said^^^

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