Dwight WON the Race!
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From: Mt. man
Hello Bowsite friends! Dwight Schuh passed away with family by his side this afternoon. Take care ol' friend! If you can they are getting ready to escort him out of the VA as I type this with Flags by his side and the playing of TAPS. Many tears so take a minute to pray for comfort for his friends and family that are there to witness this moment. The Bowhunting world lost a great man today, but Heaven gained a good one.

From: StickFlicker
I hope that by the time the rest of us make it there, he will have figured out bowhunting in Heaven and have some tips for the rest of us! I enjoyed first meeting him at the Edmonton P&Y Convention in 1997.


From: Heat
May the Peace of our Almighty Creator, which surpasses all earthly understanding, be with all of his family and friends. Prayers up from AZ.

From: SB
That is bad news. Great guy. Rest in peace Dwight.

From: drycreek
Rest In Peace Dwight. May God comfort the family and friends. He will be missed.

From: Bill Obeid
Rest in Peace Dwight

From: bigeasygator
Bowhunting did lose a great one today. I've always thoroughly enjoyed his perspective and insight and the loss of his voice is a big one. RIP, Dwight.

From: BC173

Appreciate the update.

I’ve been thinking about him a lot. RIP

From: Buffalo1
RIP Dwight. Prayers lifted for his family.

From: elkmtngear
RIP Dwight Schuh, your Spirit will be ever-present in the September Mountains!

From: FBB
Rest In Peace Dwight. Thank you.

From: Ziek
Another one of us gone after a full life. But then, none of us gets out of this alive. RIP.

Thank God for men like Dwight, who were able to model so much graciousness while down here.

May peace be with the family.

From: Trial153
Godspeed Dwight!

From: Jake
Condolences to the family and friends. Very honored to have met him. Good hunting in heaven Dwight.

From: Archery
Rest in peace Dwight, I truly enjoyed reading your stories, and the times we met at Pope & Young Banquets.

From: Beav
Rest In Peace Dwight.Just know you left a great mark on earth while you were here!

From: Kevin Dill
God Bless Dwight and his family.

From: BC
God bless this good man. Never met him but always admired him. He was the real deal.

From: Scoot
One of the very few people in the bow hunting world who I've never heard a bad thing about! I never met him but I wish I would have. Prayers sent.

From: Gator
Forever the gentle man. He will be missed by many.

From: Predeter
He will be greatly missed!

From: otcWill
Prayers to his family and friends. You'll be remembered Dwight

From: Cobie33
RIP Mr. Schuh, Godspeed! Prayers to your loved ones.

From: Burly
Rip Dwight

From: trkyslr
RIP. Prayers sent.

From: lewis
Rip we swapped Christmas cards for a lot of years Good ones seem to die young happy hunting Lewis

From: Bowboy
RIP Dwight.

From: bowbender77
God bless Dwight Schuh. RIP

From: Ron Niziolek
RIP Dwight. Well wishes for the family.

RIP Dwight, we will miss you.

2 Corinthians 5:1-5;

From: Stoneman
Rest in Peace Dwight

From: Bowfreak
He will be sorely missed, but it is truly a glorious day for a man like Dwight. God Bless Schuh family.

From: Ogoki
Felt like I knew him ,thru the many articles of his that I read . Feel like I lost a friend .

From: T Mac
Rest In Peace Dwight!

Rest in peace, sir.

A legend passes. He will be remembered.


From: Hawkeye
RIP Dwight. God Bless.

Prayers sent.

From: StickFlicker

StickFlicker's Link
I've linked an old interview that Pat did with Dwight years ago.

From: Dale06
A great ambassador for us and from what I know, just a great person. RIP, Mr Shuh.

From: Altizer
God bless you Dwight and thank you for all you did for bowhunting. Prayers for your family will continue. AA

From: t-roy
My condolences and prayers for Dwight’s family.

From: Dino
Rest in peace.

From: bowhunter24
God bless you Mr. Schuh, and prayers to your family.

From: Scar Finga
Heat said exactly what I was thinking!

Prayers for comfort and peace for the family and all his friends!

God Bless and RIP Brother!

From: Medicinemann

From: Buglmin
Vaya Con Dios...

From: shooter
So sad to hear, I just lost my dad to cancer last week as well. Prayers for him and his family.

From: nvgoat
Sorry to hear this. One of my heroes, learned a ton from him. Met him at a show around 1991 and showed him a picture of my best spot and stalk mule deer. Thanked him for all he had taught me. Great man.

From: SteveB
Our loss, Heaven’s gain. God bless his family immensely.

From: JTV
Sorry to hear, he will be missed ... RIP ..

From: Kodiak
A life well lived for sure. A man universally respected and admired has left behind a wonderful legacy. He reached a lot of people, me included.

Condolences to his family.

From: hobbes
Rest in peace Dwight. You were and still are an inspiration.

From: Nick Muche
Been thinking about him a lot the last week. He’s in a better place and will certainly be missed. I’ll cherish his contributions to bowhunting for as long as I’m around. We lost a good one....

From: APauls
Seemed like a great guy. It’s always hard to lose the good ones.

May he Rest In Peace. Legendary on all accounts.

From: Chuckster
Rest in peace Sir. Thank you for your contribution to this world. It was an honor to be in your presence for a brief period in time.

From: Woods Walker
Godspeed Mr Schuh. You did good here, real good. Prayers sent for him and his family.

From: Gotta Hunt
Godspeed Mr Schuh.

From: Screwball
He is a wonderful place now. Peace and prayer to his family.

From: nijimasu
This makes me very sad. I'd bumped into him several times, even in the hills, once. He read my son's essay for Bowhunter magazine the year he won the youth writing contest. Never got my dog-eared copy of his mule-deer hunting book signed by him, always thought I would. Goodbye, sir. Hope the rain-kissed sagebrush smells as nice where you are now as it does here in Idaho, and the critters are plentiful. The world is a better place for having known you.

I never met the guy just read his books,,, but as a brother in arms, I can just know, what a fellow he was to be with,,,,, it must be hard on Larry,,,,,, I have shed a tear tonight...

God Bless Dwight

Godspeed indeed.

RIP Dwight

Rest in Peace Dwight

From: TD
Lived the good life..... fought the good fight. RIP.

Prayers to his family for peace and strength......

From: SBH
It sure sounds like he lived a rich and blessed life. Always hardest on the ones left behind, my prayers for his family and close friends on their loss.

From: LWood
Rest In Peace, Dwight. Praying for his family during this difficult time.

From: kota-man
God Bless Dwight Schuh. RIP...

From: Rgiesey

From: Treeline
So many above echo the same sentiments and sense of loss. Our community has lost a great voice.

God has called him him home to be with him for eternity. I am so sad to have lost Dwight and yet happy that the Lord has eased his suffering and called back one of His own.

Thank you for the brief time You allowed us to have him among us down here and looking forward to being reunited with You in all Your glory. May you bring comfort and ease the grief of Dwight’s family and friends in the knowledge that he is with you, in perfection, forever.

From: Rgiesey
He was a good man and a great guy!

From: MuleyBum
Rest in peace, Dwight.

From: Wishedhead
Shoot straight>>>>————>

You most certainly did my friend, you most certainly did.


From: Native Okie
Legend. RIP Dwight.

Did more for bowhunting than I know. Love what we do because men like Dwight forged forward..

From: JW
A true bowhunting legend. RIP Mr. Schuh.

From: yeager
Such sad news for the Bowhunting community.......God bless and Rest In Peace.

'No Man is an Island'

... every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were; any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

Never met the man in person. I believe that we, as hunters, are lesser without his voice. My condolences to his family.

From: Sean D.
RIP Dwight!

From: Glunt@work
Rest in Peace Mr Schuh. I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly but the real connection was reading his articles. I have a copy of Elk Fever somewhere in the bottom of a box. I need to round up a VCR and watch it. May not work, my buddies and I wore that thing out dreaming of getting an elk with a bow some day.

From: Turkeyhunter
RIP Dwight.

From: Paul@thefort
He authored a book on Elk Hunting which I carried on many elk trips and read in camp, just to keep ahead of the game. Pulling this compound bow back, the string with his teeth, showed true dedication to the sport when he was having shoulder issues.

He set the bow hunting bar high with his actions and words, but now he is in another Higher Place.

My best, Paul

From: Jaquomo
He was a slight man but a giant in what he pursued, accomplished, and contributed to this world. RIP Dwight.

Damn, sorry to hear this...

From: Frank Noska
As we all are in agreement, we have lost a true gentleman and a legend in bowhunting. My prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace my brilliant writing, moose charged bowhunting friend. Your writing skills and penmanship are going to be missed dearly, as no one can duplicate. Your contribution to bowhunting, we all cherish, will never be forgotten. But what I will remember the most, is the true gentleman that you always were. RIP.

Just reading all the tributes. He left things behind with others far more valuable than wealth or objects.

Sad to hear this. Prayers for the family, RIP Dwight.

How sad to read this, this early AM

Prayers from Utah to his loved ones.

Keep the Faith, Robb

From: steff
Sad news indeed! Rest in peace.

From: elkstabber
RIP Dwight. Thank you for your tremendous contributions to our favorite sport.

From: Olink
Well done, Mr. Schuh. We were all blessed by your contributions to the bowhunting community.

From: Amoebus
I always thought that Dwight came along at the perfect time for him and us - he was knowledgeable, he was humble and a good writer when people still read books on hunting. He came into his prime as archery was hitting its prime. If he came along 30 years later, he would have been drowned out by the multitudes of braggadocio outdoor-channel/youtube hunters. If 30 years sooner, he would have been talking to a much smaller audience. His open country mule deer book has been read at least 15 times over the years in my house - not many other books can claim that.

I wish his family peace in this trying time.

RIP Dwight!! I was very happy to have met you!!

Rest In Peace

From: Mad Trapper
True inspiration. RIP Dwight

Prayers to his family... RIP

From: otcWill
Prayers to his family who I'm sure are proud as are we. RIP

From: Franzen
My condolences to Dwight's friends and family. He seemed like a great man and the real deal.

From: South Farm
Read lots of Dwight through the years, one of my favorites! Saw him give a seminar way back at the Earl Brown Center in Minnesota on Alaska moose hunting and nobody could light a fire in the imagination like he could! Awesome writer, editor, speaker, and ambassador to bowhunting; he'll be deeply missed for sure! We've lost a great one..

From: Starfire
For our group Bugling for Elk was the bible. But I think his Wild Side articles in Bowhunter were truly inspirational. I wish that I had kept them. I particularly liked the one where he talked about the pain of bowhunting and how its worth the cold and wet and sore to make the memories. His faith was also a great inspiration and I take comfort in knowledge that he is with our lord.

From: 12yards
I've got tears. I can't tell you how many articles of his I've read, but I know he's had a big influence on my bowhunting life/how I hunt. He was a great Godly man and he will be missed. Hope to meet him in heaven someday.

Dwight hurt his shoulder (many years ago) and could not pull his bow. Instead of grabbing a crossbow he got a mouth piece to pull his bow and actually hunted and killed that season. That was a special time in His and Bowhunter Magazines history as he told that story. “Never give up”!

From: Feedjake
I grew up reading his column at the end of Bowhunter magazine. Did a lot of good for a young kid to read such a level perspective.

From: Lv2hnt
Grace and Peace ...

From: Boatman71
RIP Dwight

From: Bowbender
Godspeed, Dwight. Prayers for peace and comfort to the family.


Praying for peace and comfort for his family.

From: darralld
Hate to hear this. I'm sure dad had a place at the campfire waiting for him. R.I.P.

From: Arrowflinger
Rest in peace Dwight Schuh, God be with your family.

From: pav
Rest in peace Dwight. Thanks for the insights, instructions and motivation. Prayers of strength for the entire Schuh family during this difficult time.

From: Ken Taylor
Very few live lives that affect so many people in so many positive ways. And we know what a very special man he was. RIP

From: axle2axle
Rest in peace Dwight!

From: Two Feathers
An icon in the bowhunting world. A man of class and dignity. A loss to us all. RIP.

From: craig
One of the great ones. RIP

RIP Dwight. His pack frame was my first elk hunting pack and I used it the first time I packed an elk out on my back...

From: Rob Nye
RIP Dwight from now on the wind will be forever in your face and the shore lunch always cookin’! (That boy could seriously put away a walleye or 4!!)

From: BigStriper
Rest in peace Dwight, yes we lost another of the Good ones. I have read a lot of Dwight's magazine articles thru my 65 years,never got the chance to meet him but always liked him, he just seemed like a good guy and you never heard anything bad about him.


From: Mark Watkins
Rest in peace Dwight. Thank you for your never ending leadership, writing, mentoring and optimism towards humanity.....legendary!

Prayers continue for your family.


From: Stick
Rip Dwight. Prayers sent for your family. I will surely miss reading about your many bowhunting adventures.


From: Lucas
Rest easy. Prayers to his family.

From: rooster
RIP, I'm gonna miss reading of his adventures.

From: mountainman
RIP. Seemed like a great guy that I unfortunately never had the chance to meet. I always enjoyed his writing.

RIP sir. Prayers for the family.

From: Meat Grinder
Sad news, indeed. Rest in Peace and many thanks for sharing your adventures with us over the years.

Condolences to his family and friends.

From: JMG
Thank you, Dwight, may you Rest In Peace.

From: casper
Well Dwight you might have crossed the finish line but i doubt your resting in peace, your probably resting after a long hard pull to the top of a mountain to glass the new country. Thanks for giving this 50 year old all those great bowhunter articles to read growing up we will keep the fire burning for ya thank you .

From: bentshaft
RIP brother.

From: DL
He was in Oregon Hunting one year looking for a reported 380 class bull. Friends from the ranch next door ran into him. They Had a very enjoyable meeting with him. Didn’t get the bull. My hunting partner did. I first saw who he was from an elk hunting video he and Larry Jones did on elk hunting years ago. Both of them were such class acts. His life will be missed but his stories will live on.

From: bowhunter24
Kelly and Dwight are chasing a 114"

From: Thornton

Thornton's embedded Photo
Thornton's embedded Photo

From: bighorn

From: Heat
You are invited to celebrate the life of Dwight Schuh on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at 3:00 PM at Christian Faith Center, 31 S. Midland Blvd., Nampa, Idaho 83651. All are welcome. Cycling kits, running singlets, cowboy boots, camo attire, and socks with sandals welcomed. The family is encouraging donations in Dwight’s memory to the Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America or the Pope and Young Club Conservation Fund. The service will be live streamed at 3:00 PM Mountain time.

Dwight's service will be streamed live on YouTube this Saturday at 3PM Mountain time. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/CFConevoice

From: MarkU

MarkU's embedded Photo
MarkU's embedded Photo
Can't really add anything more than what's been said, but he sure fought the fight to battle cancer.

I've known Dwight since back in the mid eighties when a buddy and I were hunting elk in our super secret spot in Idaho. We started seeing these strange animal tracks on the trails, as well as some huge boot prints, like size 13 or 14. We finally found the answer when my buddy came upon a camp early one morning and it was Dwight and Larry and Jay Rais with a pack of llama's and they were making the video "Elk Fever". Unfortunately for them, we had already been in there a week or more and had all the elk pushed around. The called us "those damn backpackers", because our tracks were everywhere. Dwight even told me that one day he hiked to the highest ridge and out to the farthest point he could make it in a day, and when he got there he saw a bunch of Redwing boot prints in the dirt. He said he almost threw up. I wore Redwing boots that year. In the picture, Dwight is in the middle.

Reading Stickflingers post with Pat's interview, Dwight talks about his Wyoming moose hunt. After a couple of weeks, he was getting a little burned out and took a day off and came over to our place and spent the night and got cleaned up. We decided to take the plane and check out some new areas he hadn't been in yet, so the next day we jumped in the 206 and took off. Shortly after takeoff, the engine started acting up, so I came back and landed and did some tweaking on the fuel pump. The next attempt went well, and he liked what we saw, and I think he killed his bull soon after. I think he also had a couple or grizzly encounters. I asked him later if he was nervous about the plane acting up, and he said he didn't really know what was going on.

Heat: Thanks for the heads up on the service this Saturday with the YouTube link.

From: nijimasu
The Service was excellent. It left me wishing I'd known the gentleman more than just from his writing- but as people talked about him it did confirm that he most definitely was that guy we know from his books. I hope the live stream on YouTube worked, and some of you all got to see the Service. Again, I did not know Mr. Schuh personally, but I can certainly tell you now- If you can truly measure a man by the love of his friends- Dwight Schuh was huge.

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