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Bear hunting for soccer moms
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BackcountryBloodline's embedded Photo
BackcountryBloodline's embedded Photo

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When friends and acquaintances first started asking what I would be getting up to on the weekend and receiving a reply of "bear hunting," I quickly realized that the majority of people in the lower mainland have no idea anybody even eats bear. I had started hunting just as the rug was pulled out from under us regarding the grizzly hunt and although there wasn't any form of provincial vote on the matter I don't think that would have helped much with our current public perception of bear hunting in most urban areas. I had recently started putting together a video of my first year hunting with my son and quickly decided to try and take the opportunity to explain both the edibility and sustainability of bear hunting in BC in a way that non hunters might be able to digest.

I tend to avoid Facebook like the plague these days but I posted it on there and the response was surprising, almost none of my friends hunt but it seemed to be quite well received by people I never would have expected to take interest. I also used it as a bit of a springboard to explain the need for predator management and the hypocrisy of someone eating beef but having an issue with Canada Goose using coyote fur or typing angry comments on hunting photos/videos from their own leather couch.

Either way, I had fun getting a bit of practice filming/editing and creating memories for my son and I...feel free to share it, you never know who's mind you might change. Hope everyone is getting excited for spring bear, just got a new string and cables put on the bow and will be spending the next few weeks experimenting with a couple different arrow builds to try and get my fixed blade broadheads flying as true as possible.

Great job with your son and the camera. Really enjoyed that you could share this.

From: mgmicky
Very nicely done, thanks for sharing.

From: GhostBird
Excellent video, really enjoyed it. Congratulations to you and your boy.

From: SBH
Very nicely done my friend. You and your son will never forget those memories. Great video.

From: Scoot
Many congrats to you both! Looks like your son got lucky with who his dad is. Experiences neither of you will ever forget.

From: Bwana
Well done sir!

Very well done. Made me smile! Hunt

Uncle Lucius!!!! Thought my phone alarm was goin off when i heard the beginning of the song. Love it man, good job.

From: Cobie33
Outstanding feel good video.

From: Jaquomo
What a cool video and experience!

When I first saw the thread title I thought maybe it was about using bear tactics to date soccer moms. You know, like baiting them with sweets, playing dead when they attack, etc...

From: Jaquomo
Dang double clutch!

From: drycreek
That was great ! That youngun is game ! He reminds me of when my oldest boy started hunting with me, I had to carry him on my back through the berry vines squirrel hunting. That really brought back memories. Thanks !

Nicely done and welcome to the bowhunting world!

From: otcWill
Enjoyed that. Thanks!

From: Kurt
Good memories...from another BC bowhunter!

Cool video, GJ

From: moe
Excellent video. Thanks for sharing. It reminds me of the hunts with my boys years ago. Those are the memories that last a lifetime.


From: Aubs8

From: elkmtngear
Great cinematography, and storytelling...way to go, Dad!

From: Owl
Well done, sir. Nice rug aside, that video will be cherished more. I love the tone on that electric guitar, too.

From: SaltyB
Well done. Me, I'm not getting that close to a grizzly!

From: Timbrhuntr
Well done !

From: Beendare
Good platform Bloodline...keep up the good work.

From: rooster
Great job, on the video, the hunt and parenting!

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