Accused of killing 113 deer!
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From: Dutchd

Dutchd's Link
This man was on a mission,

From: Timbrhuntr
Probably owns a crossbow !

From: Boatman71
He got to yell "Smoked him" 113 times... I'm jealous! J/K

From: Jaquomo
Probably has shoulder problems from all the fist pumping, so he has to use a crossbow.

From: Treeline
Hell, I thought the wolves were bad up there in Wyoming! This guy was giving them a run for the money!

From: LINK
Sounds like a land owner pissed at all the animals eating his flowers. A high fence would have been a lot cheaper.

From: PushCoArcher
Crossbow would have been a mercy. The neighbor's reported him "beating a deer to death" what the hell.

From: LINK
Pushco when you have 113 to kill brass gets expensive. ;)

This guy's romance with his garden is out of control.

From: Huntcell
Such an exact number, was he putting a notch on his garden tractor steering wheel or garden rake?

From: SJJ
why? thats what I'd like to know

From: BUCKeye
I want to know what he is planting in his garden thats so attractive to deer. One swirl of wrong wind and they avoid my plot. This dude is dragging bodies around and still keeps slaying. I would have been curious about the deer beating, but the bar has been set much higher after the cougar kill.

From: GF
Sounds like he has a lot of neighbors with posted land.

And they probably all could be put in touch with responsible local hunters who would be relieved to be able to fill up their freezers on doe tags.

Is it just me, or is there something fundamentally jacked up about people who deliberately harbor, create, or maintain artificially high wildlife densities on their property and then expect either compensation for damage or license to cull off the “surplus”?

How far removed is that from demanding extra deer tags for those pesky does keep showing up and eating up all of your Buck Bait?

From: Striker@home
This (113) is the known number of animals he stashed and disposed of around his property. The numbers were probably much higher as he has admitted that once he ran out of places to dump them, he loaded up his truck and dumped them along the county roads in the barrow pits. He's a true psychopath who doesn't think he has done anything wrong. The whitetail population near him is always quite high as his property lies in a creek drainage with nearby alfalfa fields. One driving through can often see 100's of deer during the summer months. He just shot them like prairie dogs while sitting or standing on his deck.

I'll second the desperately wish to know what he planted that attracted so many deer, heck I'd pay some $$$ to know. Heck maybe once he get this past him he can recoup his losses by starting a food based deer attractant company. Just when you think you've seen the dumbest possible thing a person can do somebody comes along like this idiot and simply astonishes you with their seemingly limitless capacity for arrogance, ignorance and stupidity.

From: elkstabber
If a farmer had a depredation permit in VA this wouldn't be illegal. VA leads the nation in killing deer (and wasting them) with depredation permits.

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