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read this today.

I’m shocked...Find it anywhere on CNN or MSNBC?

From: Ucsdryder
Holy sheet! I’m shocked too. Especially with the clowns that make up CDOW! Good for them though! I sure miss the waterfowl hunting. Nothing like getting to hunt for 4 months straight!!!

The link to fox was on MSN link page

Of course it's all about money. Although I'm surprised to see this come from F&G, excuse me, F&W, I bet Sacramento stomps on this quickly once they see it...

Baby steps Ike.... This six short paragraph major news item will recruit hip hunters from around the world to come fund a dysfunctional Fish and Wildlife Department. Soon the deer and other wildlife herds will rebound and life in California will be good again... Be patient. Ed F

Yeah and maybe we’ll get a Wolf season some day too...

From: wild1
I hope I'm wrong, and I probably read more into it than was intended (but this is California we're talking about), reading the lines "...... to address barriers and opportunities to hunting and fishing in the state" and "(opportunities) belong to all Californians" and "....should be utilized by all of us." Having lived most of my life in CA., whenever I see code words like "barriers" and (limited) "opportunities" and "partnering with other state and federal agencies" it has more to do with identity politics than wildlife conservation, or anything else. Anyone that has worked in CA. knows what I'm talking about.

When the state of CA. is thinking about partnering with the federal government, to address the "barriers" to hunting and "opportunities should be utilized by all of us" my experience(s) tells me that wildlife conservation is a distant concern. Think about it.

From: Dave
Nothing short of a money grab. The state has raided the F&W coffer of funds to support all its other freeloader programs for years. Now, it's coming back to bite them in the ass and hunters are saying f*** it. They're either leaving the state or not bothering buying a license to hunt poorly managed resources. They'd rather take their money and spend it on out of state hunts. The hunters are still there. They just don't waste their $ in CA anymore. Anybody who thinks CA cares about preserving the heritage of hunting in CA is completely delusional.

From: axle2axle
Having been a lifetime resident of California and bowhunter for over 45 years, I've been watching this "hunting opportunity death spiral" for a long time now. I've watched as bowhunters lost the entire month of January on the San Diego A22 archery-only deer tag...because the F&G (what they used to be called) felt they could not get their reports done in time for the next regulation drafting cycle. Then the over-the-counter, high Sierra, archery-only deer tags went on a draw system and bowhunting tag numbers plummeted, making it a 5 year draw cycle currently under the new preference point system. And the latest "ethics police anti-bowhunting" law where it is now illegal in California to loiter for more than 30 minutes while hunting within 200 yards of any water source, be it seep, pond, tank, stream, etc. This particularly insulting law suits rifle hunters fine (still allowing hunting near water well within their effective range...for as long as they like) while eliminating treestand or ground blind bowhunting near any water source. For those of you not constrained by a law of this type, consider how it would affect your favorite hunting spot if it were now illegal to be within 200 yards of any water source for more than 30 minutes! Not a great "recruiting or retention tool" I would imagine! For the past two years, I have purchased a California hunting license and two archery-only deer tags (like I do every year while accumulating preference points), but have not hunted in my home state. I find far greater opportunities in states like Arizona, Montana, and Alaska where hunting techniques and locations are not criminalized by an anti-bowhunting game agency. At one point during this long period, the F&G teamed with animal rights groups (accepting their donations and allowing them to train along side new game wardens in their academy) and their negative influence has being felt by anyone who has ever hunted in this state. Bowhunting advocate groups have been ineffective at halting or reversing any of these changes...for decades! It is difficult for me to imagine how this new thrust from the "F&W" will benefit bowhunters, and I am doubtful things will change in our favor. To me, this new public outreach program is simply more puzzling evidence coming from a game agency struggling from the negative effect of flawed regulations of their own creation that were designed to drive bowhunters out of the state.

From: bowbender77
California is a joke. The land of Disney. There F&G Dept. has been invaded by the greens and antis with a big dose of left wing politics to go with it. I have it from good sources that the F&G Director is a VEGAN that is all of about 5'7" and cant weigh more than 120 lbs. who is related through marriage to the Clintons. It is said that he had his eye on the USFWS Directorship until Trump took office. Just another reason to be grateful that Trump was elected over Hildabeast. One of the worst results of there bull$hit is that it has begun to spill over into other states like a cancer. The whole situation is nothing but bad for the American Conservation Model that we all enjoy as American Sportsman. Dreams of Californication, NOT !

From: Trial153
I guess a step forward is a step forward ......maybe it spurs a change of course.

From: TD
I'll believe em when they get the cats back on the menu. Until then..... I can't hear what they are saying.... I will watch what they actually do.....

From: Ace
BowTrick, go peddle your crap someplace else. You write like a C student in Middle School, and your attempt to drive traffic to your sites is as obvious as it is pathetic.

From: Jaquomo
"The fishing and hunting opportunities in this state are unparalleled"

Compared to what??? He should instead say, "The fishing and hunting RESTRICTIONS in this state are unparalleled. "

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