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Bentstick54 08-Feb-19
Tdvorak 08-Feb-19
Lone Eagle 10-Feb-19
Bentstick54 10-Feb-19
One Who Knows 11-Feb-19
From: Bentstick54
Anybody have any experience with Golden Wally outfitters in NW Saskatchewan? I’m looking for a combo black bear hunt/ fishing trip. I have shot 1 black bear that had an 18” skull, and would like a reasonable chance of something larger. My main interest would be bear, but would like some good fishing on the side if possible.

From: Tdvorak
There are some awesome areas in AK that offer both guided or unguided. Cost will be a bit higher but quality of the trophy would likely be a bit higher also.

From: Lone Eagle
I hunted with them in 2008. My buddy and I both killed very good bears. Mine was 275#, 19 3/16" and my buddies was 345# ,20 + ". Fishing was very good for Walleye and Pike. Spoke with them a few years ago and they are still killing some nice bears each spring. The jet boat ride to camp is a neat experience.

From: Bentstick54
Thanks for the reply Greg. I’m looking for an affordable retirement trip, but not at the expense of a realistic chance of success, but a good time also.

Hunted with them in 2017.. We had a blast.. Very remote and good people.. Walleye fishing is excellent right off the dock..

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