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From: cnelk

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From: Zim
Yes! We as adults (c'mon, we're grown up kids really) should be able to get "grown up" merit badges! Why did it have to stop with boy scouts?? Kill a P&Y bull elk... get a merit badge. Hose down a bear with bear spray, get a merit badge. Grab a badger, get a merit badge. Choke out a mountain win! That's gotta be the ultimate merit badge. I want one

From: Zbone
To funny...8^)))

From: Inshart
Yeah, go to Russia and go MMA on a Polar Bear .... the ultimate badge!

From: ki-ke
Hahaha!! I like that.

I would have my Raccoon, possum, woodchuck, Coopers Hawk, WT deer and BG Caribou, hand to hand merit badges.

From: Beendare
Is there an elk season for "Bare Hands"?

Oh great, now we are going to have a bunch of guys forcing the game laws to be revised...out there killing stuff with their bare hands. /grin

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