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hay bale blind on a 4 wheeler trailer
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From: Shaft
I have a friend that is getting older and a lot less comfortable getting up in the tree-stands so I was thinking that we could build him a platform on a 4 wheeler pull behind trailer to match a haybale or pop-up blind of his choice (portable ones). Then attach the pop-up/bale blind onto the platform. The 4 wheeler pull behind would give him the mobility to move around as needed and in the off season he can use it to haul things on. Anyone do anything like this? I have seen some bigger platform trailers and or trailers with a platform blind attached but this would incorporate the use of the pop-ups instead of a more permanent construction. Thoughts and pictures welcome

From: Zbone
Sounds like a good idea as long as there are other round bales in the field, but if not will, stick out like a sore thumb and draw attraction...

I saw a couple of similar idea's on actual trailers being towed behind trucks on I-35 when I was in Iowa last November, more of a tall Shooting Blind than a bail of hay though.

Kinda like what that guy on Whitetail Properties TV show tows behind his truck.

Good on you Shawn for thinking for some one else's comfort and to still be out hunting!

Good luck, Robb

From: Lee
Watch some of Bill Winkes Midwest Whitetail shows - he will do similar with a Redneck Blind on a trailer and move right into fields right after it is picked - the farm country deer pay zero attention to it -seems like it wouldn’t work but it sure does.


I believe it will work. I have three hay bales blinds out and move them around when needed. It does not seem to spook deer or turkey.

I use multiple blinds so one does not stick out as said above. Buy a couple of bales from a nearby farmer and leave them out all the time.

Good luck to you and your friend.

I have a Banks blind on a trailer and it works like a charm. If concerned it could get stolen use a hitch lock or removable tongue.

From: Scrappy
You can put a pink box on a trailer and it will work great, ABSOLUTELY no need to try and camouflage it. Just build something now and stick it out in the area it will be used. Whenever you are in the area just move it around to another spot. By the time deer season rolls around the deer will ABSOLUTELY ignore it.

If I was going to have one it would have over hanging branches on all for corners for licking branches. Every time I moved it I would scuff the ground under the four licking branches and piss in them. By the time the season rolled around all the bucks in the neighborhood would know the blind as the scrape shack.

There is a gentleman I believe up in the north east part of iowa that has been using a black cargo trailer in his backyard for about the last five years with awesome results on big bucks.

Bottom line is don't over think it and get it out there so the deer get used to it.

From: Scrappy

Scrappy's Link
Here is the lasted success out of the black cargo trailer I referenced in my last post.

This is actually a great idea for anyone with limited mobility. Especially if you live a state like iowa with big bucks in you back yard.

From: Scrappy
MQQSE I think I have solved the problem of a blind being stolen. Disguise it to look like honey bee boxes.

From: Franklin
Hay Bale blinds scare me.....seen too many of my neighbors poke a rifle out and use one as a target.

From: RutnStrut
I don't understand how this works so well in other areas. Here in West Central WI it doesn't work. It works fine if you leave them in one place for awhile. But even then if you have roamer bucks during the rut, they seem skittish as heck. Yes we have tried it. On trailers, on the ground, brushed in, not brushed in. Brushed in worked the best.

From: 320 bull
I am with this^^^^ In my neck of the woods it takes a deer a very long time to become accustom to anything out of the ordinary. This year one of the folks I share a farm with put a pop up on top of the land owners drain field next to the house for the opener of gun. I had been watching deer cross the field there all year and told him it would be a good spot for his kid to sit. He was sure to get a shot (I did not tell him to use a blind) He put the pop up there about 3-4 days before season. They saw nothing opening morning. That blind completely shut down that area and they had been crossing there all fall almost every day. The never did start again in the late season ether. Kinda odd but deer here absolutely mind blinds. This is SW MI.

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