Flying Wyoming III (Drone footage)
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From: Striker@home

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Over the past couple of years, I have shared to Bowsite video compilations captured by drone from across the great state of Wyoming. The footage features many of the elk, moose, deer, and elk units with which a number of you are familiar. This chapter (3) in the series features the Snowy Range, Black Mountain Fire Lookout, Wind River Canyon, The Pinnacles near Togwotee Pass, The Absoraka Range, Bighorn Mountains, Crazy Woman Canyon, and Little Goose Canyon among other locations. Hopefully, you'll recognize some of the locations. Enjoy!

I feel obligated to declare: this is an unmonetized YouTube Channel, so I am in no way trying to use Bowsite for financial advantage.

I always enjoy your videos. Thanks for putting them together and posting them

From: Z Barebow
Thanks again Tim! I watched it via FB earlier. I never tire of your photography. Wyoming tourism bureau should be paying you!

From: Whocares
I needed that!! Absolutely awesome! Thanks.

Simply breathtaking Tim! Thanks so much for sharing! I thank God every day that I’m Blessed to call Wyoming home!

In one of your sets, I could almost see a spot where I killed an elk. Cool stuff.

From: Treeline
Saw a couple of places I’ve fished. Great video! Thanks for sharing!

From: leftee
Fantastic!Thanks.Saw a place we camped years ago and a place near Thermopolis(WR canyon)we pulled out to deal with a flat last Fall.Will use to 'work on' the boss to try again to move there.

From: cnelk
Thumbs up! Ive fished that stretch in the Wind River Canyon. Great stuff for sure.

Much better than some other 'Monetized' stuff that get posted here.

From: c3
Nice !!!

Hoping to draw elk this year and will be spending quite a bit of time up that way filming, camping and scouting.

Thanks for the teaser :)

Cheers, Pete

From: wacem
Thanks for sharing. Beautiful.

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