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Stem cell therapy for knees, anyone ?
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rershooter 12-Feb-19
Pyrannah 12-Feb-19
ohiohunter 12-Feb-19
elkmtngear 12-Feb-19
IdyllwildArcher 12-Feb-19
ohiohunter 12-Feb-19
mattandersen 12-Feb-19
mano-a-mano 12-Feb-19
creed 12-Feb-19
N8tureBoy 12-Feb-19
Franklin 12-Feb-19
bonehead 12-Feb-19
Bob H in NH 13-Feb-19
Archery_addict 13-Feb-19
t-roy 13-Feb-19
spinedoc 13-Feb-19
Archery_addict 13-Feb-19
T Rex 15-Feb-19
Deerplotter 15-Feb-19
Dave 16-Feb-19
From: rershooter
I've been hearing a lot about stem cell therapy for knees. Has anyone here done it? How were the results? How were the results when in the mountains? any side effects?

From: Pyrannah
What all will it do?

Cure arthritis? Regrow cartridge?


From: ohiohunter
This is some new stuff, and so far I've only heard of it being done in Europe on ACL and PCL's, and the stem cells are coming from adipose tissue. For joe schmoe closest you're going to get in the states right now is EPT, enriched platelet therapy... EDIT: PRP.. platelet rich plasma

Did googling "stem cell knee hunting" bring you here?

From: elkmtngear
I have patients that have had better results with Stem cell, than standard knee Surgery.

Not reimbursable, costs about the same as a Trophy Elk Hunt...but it does work. My Daughter is walking proof, got stem cell in her hip, after a torn labrum from Marine Infantry Training. Great result, with quick recovery.

I've heard of several people having really good results, but it costs an arm and a leg, no pun intended.

From: ohiohunter
Last I looked into it, no insurance coverage and no guarantee of actual benefit.. was to the tune of $20k, but like I mentioned they are harvesting stem cells from adipose tissue in Europe which will hopefully bring costs down. Lord knows Americans have plenty of adipose tissue.

From: mattandersen
I had this done and it cost me $2000 out of pocket with no success. In fact my knee started hurting worse shortly after which led to my partial knee replacement at 36 years old..I think my knee was far too gone for it to have worked though. Don't mean to push anyone away. Avoid surgery at all costs..last resort

From: mano-a-mano
Been doing PRP instead for several years now. Also out of pocket. Used to be more affordable $500 but now pushing over $800. Outpatient service takes simple 30m office visit. Had a stem cell doc for my son (autism) who I asked to treat my knee and he indicated his patients were seeing much better success with PRP than stem cells and at much better price. In my case, it was for an arthritic knee with only half my miniscus and that half was smashed/disintegrating. First time, felt like a good scab on the cartilage and stabilized my knee for well over a year. Best $500 bucks I ever spent on hunting. No recognizable growth on xray but you can see the reduced inflammation on xray. For me it was better result than steroid shots. Current PRP doc indicated they are seeing some better success now with the addition of Placental stem cells (they are dead but the chemical makeup seems to still have benefit). I haven't tried that yet. A bit steeper costs and still out of pocket. I get the PRP in late July, or early Aug ahead of the fall hunt (yeah just suck it up during training prior to that) and it will usually get me through Jan. with plenty of 10mi mountainous day hikes with hunt pack. Still can't kneel without causing problems though so it better be a high percentage shot on worthy animal if I do.

From: creed
Don't know about knees yet but PRP and A2M injections have saved me a shoulder surgery and have kept a 2nd surgery at bay on my bad shoulder. It has worked for everyone I know that has gone that route with the exception of one friend.

From: N8tureBoy
Our office is just getting started with A2M. Looks promising but only roughly 40% of people are candidates. You need to do a test first to see if you are a candidate. Hope to have more info in a couple months

From: Franklin
You might get a better information if you tell the folks the extent of your condition or injury. Some conditions the therapy could be prime for positive results....others it could be a waste of time and money.

From: bonehead
recent research with well designed studies shows prp about equal to viscosupplementation(synvisc and similar meds) for knee arthritis. Data is much less clear on stem cells, but looks like adipose derived has poor success in general. Marrow derived has some promise, but no proof. LOTS of places making money on stem cell with anecdotal evidence only.Almost all studies say at best prp and stem cell do not cure but may delay progression of arthritis, at worst they do not work.In my opinion,prp is probably reasonable, but I would be very careful spending a lot of money on stem cell at present. However ,you are unlikely to be harmed by stem cell except in your wallet.One of the problems with stem cell is that harvest is very variable as to concentration of stem cells and there is not a good way to know what you are actually getting. Hope this helps.

From: Bob H in NH
My understanding is it depends what's wrong. If you have progressed to bone on bone, well, you're to late. If you are fighting tendonitus, arthritus or other soft tissue stuff, maybe

Smoke weed

From: t-roy
I think you need to lay off the crack pipe, Archery-addict/Primetime, or whatever the flavor of the month is.

From: spinedoc
I have sent numerous patients for Prolotherapy/ PRP/Stem cell therapy. Most have had positive improvements. Several have had what I would consider pretty amazing improvement. Had several with 80-90% reduction in pain after 1 prolotherapy tx.

One gentleman had 3 tx of prolotherapy, and felt great. One year later he had a CT scan of his knees, and the cartilage he lost was being replaced.

My opinion is that as techniques improve, you will see a lot more of this in the future. I know that if I ever need something for joint degeneration, I will start with this long before I try anything else.


From: T Rex
Listen to the Joe Rogan podcast with Mel Gibson. I sounds amazing, but pricey!

From: Deerplotter
I researched it last spring heavily and found it too costly for any guarantees it would work.

From: Dave
Well-designed trials looking at stem-cell and other similar therapies for knee and joint issues have definitively shown that it does not work any better than placebo. The only thing it does it pad the pockets of physicians performing the procedure. Not to say that there is not a future for stem cell therapies but, as of now, you're wasting your money.

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