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2019 Sheep Show Rocked!
Wild Sheep
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NvaGvUp 13-Feb-19
Treeline 13-Feb-19
jtelarkin08 14-Feb-19
Brotsky 14-Feb-19
Bigpizzaman 14-Feb-19
NvaGvUp 14-Feb-19
Bou'bound 14-Feb-19
NvaGvUp 14-Feb-19
DL 14-Feb-19
BOWUNTR 15-Feb-19
From: NvaGvUp
Lest you weren't there, the 2019 Sheep Show set yet more records in pretty much every metric they measure.

As we see every year, on Saturday night there is always something on the auction that touches our hearts and causes us to dig deep into our pockets.

This year was no exception.

An antelope hunt for a Wounded Warrior was auctioned, yet while the buyer could come on the hunt, the buyer could not hunt.

The auction got off to a great start, then other outfitters, gun makers, etc. came forward to add more and more items to the hunt.

It eventually sold for $81,000!

Then another outfitter offered to do the same and it sold for $30,000 or so.

Then someone came forward and pledged an amazing $500,000 to WSF!

You read that correctly: One-Half MILLION dollars!

No where else will you see such an outpouring of generosity in support of good people in need.

No where else will you see someone donate an amazing $500,000 dollars to conservation!


From: Treeline

From: jtelarkin08
I am bummed I missed you Friday, Kyle!!! This was my first sheep show and will certainly not be my last.. It was amazing..

From: Brotsky
Amazing generosity! The WSF really does it up right! Congrats to the sheep!

From: Bigpizzaman
It was a blast as it always is! The price of Sheep Hunts has exploded, I don’t see another slam in my future, demand is through the roof with over 1500 people at the less than one event. The deal of finding “deals” may have passed! Good Luck to all you Sheep hunter this year!

From: NvaGvUp

Sorry I missed you.

I swear, I have less time to walk the floor and meet people now than I did when I was on the board.


Good to see you again. Glad you enjoyed the show.

From: Bou'bound
Thoses sheep guys have deep pockets and bigger hearts

From: NvaGvUp
Bou' X 2!

From: DL

DL's Link
these are friends of mine from Beiber,ca. Hunter took me out on my antelope hunt in August. Spent time with the entire family then. Everyone I ran into up there said that you will not find a finer family anywhere. It was a privelage to be at their mom and share hunting stories over dinner. This video is just amazing to me. To go from being told you’ll never walk again to finishing his grand slam is just out of this world. That smile on Russ’s Face is there all the time. No whining or complaining about his situation. He’s happy he’s alive and enjoying life. Great people!

Great, great, great story... Made my day. Ed F

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