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Willow Air, Alaskan Moose?
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ozzy1414 14-Feb-19
spinedoc 18-Feb-19
From: ozzy1414
While attending the PA Outdoor show, we had an opportunity to speak with the owner and operator of Willow Air about an Alaskan moose hunt. Does anyone have any experiences (good or bad) with Willow Air? For anyone that has hunted with Willow Air or done another Alaskan moose hunt, any tips, guidance on preparation for such an adventure?

From: spinedoc
I went to AK for moose with my dad in 05. Our guide used Willow Air to transport us to camp and back. We got socked in for a few days at McGrath, but they got us to camp and back. Seems he is more of a logistics guy. Back then he was doing drop camps and float type camps, I don't think he had guides. I saw him also at the Outdoors Show, picked up his newspaper. Seems he can offer guided as well.

Back in 05, 2 archers from NY got dropped off and both shot huge moose the first day out.

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