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MT 900-20
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From: Scoot
If anyone has hunted the 900-20 muti-unit hunt in MT for elk and is willing to chat about it, please shoot me a PM. I'm very curious about this hunt and I'm most interested in hunter density-- 3700 archery hunters in that amount of public land seems like a whole lot of bodies in not enough area. Any info appreciated.

Oh, and please send your coordinates to your honey hole! :) Ooops, I mean, I'm not looking for anyone's honey hole...

From: elkocd
Lots of good private land to hunt in those units if you had access. I think some of the biggest bulls come from that tag.

From: Mule Power
Sharing coordinates is unethical and illegal.

From: Huntcell
“Sharing coordinates is unethical and illegal.”


Elk unit A1 go up Jackwagon Canyon until you come to a rusted piece of scrap mining equipment tAke a hard right walk 50 meters, cross the creek immediately favor going to your left up Slippery Dude slope, will come to old 1948 avalanche chute see the two extermly large pines half way up, known as Twin Pines, damn best 30 in mulie spot ever.

So directions would be unethical and illegal too?

What is the difference? Nothing! Absulutly NOTHING unethical or illegal about giving directions. Geez happens a million times a day. Couldn’t write citations fast enough, what a potential revenue stream maker, dream on. . . . $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ^$$$$$$ ~•

From: Scoot
I'm pretty sure Mule Power knows I was joking. Just wondering about hunter pressure with regarding to this hunt. A bunch of units, but like was said in the first reply- a ton of private land and limited public land. Definitely some public land options, but I'm wondering if it's enough for the number of tags they give out...

From: Dogman
It is criminal how elk and hunters are managed in MT. I would categorize the pressure as significant. More every year too. The number of tags should be broken down by unit instead of the nonsensical 900 group of units. You for sure will run into people, unless you have access to private.

From: elkocd
Just ask the guy who shot the world record for his spot! :)

From: bucman
That permit is to allow archery hunting of bulls in many of those units. You can still run into cow and deer hunters. But it is a couple thousand square miles. Find some block management areas and try to get reservations. I used that permit to hunt bulls in a 400 series unit, for many years, and I never saw much pressure, but it may be a different story a couple hundred miles east, and in better areas. If you draw that permit you can still hunt general units. Of course that is where I noticed a high number of hunters. Only about 350 to 370 of those permits go to non residents so it is possible the residents are mostly hunting weekends or a single week of the season and they only put in for the permit to have options or hunt a specific property.

From: pav

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Pretty sure Mule Power was making a joke himself....

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