Phantom Bowstrings
Double hand release
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From: wyliecoyote
I have never been a "Great" shot but reasonable OK....all of a sudden I am consistently throwing my bow hand violently left and up at the instant I trigger the release....I can shoot with eyes closed and release just fine...but while sighting through the peep....OMG!! I am a basket!! Completely missing a 3 bale stack at 30 yards is not fun....


Try aiming less and pointing more. Start by floating the pin on your bale stack and not caring where you hit (just "pointing" at the bale stack, so to speak), then move to floating the pin on one bale, etc. Trying to pinpoint a specific spot might be stressing you at the shot and making you focus on aiming instead of focusing on a clean release. Haven't done much research on curing target panic as far as archery goes and many on here will be able to help a ton, but that's the advice I give on firearms and it has helped everybody I've taken shooting.

From: Brotsky
It sounds like you have "that which shall not be mentioned". Keep your eyes closed and try very close blank bale shooting working on your form and relaxing your mind while executing your shot sequence. This almost caused me to quit archery altogether about 20 some years ago. I still fight it in my mind every time I draw a bow. Good luck to you my friend, this is not a fun road to go down!

I would check out the book "Idiot proof archery" by Bernie Pellerite. It's been out a while, but the info is still good info.

Close enough is close enough. Once you stop trying for perfection things get better. One more irony of archery.

From: Bowbaker
Joel Turner with shot IQ can most likely help.

From: Boreal
If it's real bad you might want to try Joel Osteen instead of Joel Turner!

From: wyliecoyote
Thanks guys, I appreciate the humor and the solid advice. I will be pointing tomorrow and not trying to precisely aim.


From: Scar Finga
One thing you may want to try and it is mentioned above, is to only shoot with your eyes closed and do it about a hundred times or more. Draw, breath, anchor, breath, relax, exhale half your breath, squeeze and follow through. The repetition is what you want. It may take more than 100 shots, but you want that muscle memory. when you start back shooting with your eyes open, start at five yards or less. Don't shoot if you are tired, and don't shoot too many arrows at one time. 5-10 at most per session is best, with every shot being relaxed and consistent. Don't worry about hitting the spot at first, just being relaxed and consistent. You are peaking... concentrate on the follow through, not where the arrow is hitting.

Good Luck and keep us posted!

From: skipmaster1
Get your pin on target and then forget about aiming. Just focus on increasing back tension until the shot breaks, the arrow will find the middle. As said above, Joel turner can really help you.

Listen to all John Dudley "nock on" podcasts related to target panic. You'll understand what you're going through and how to work through it. Ed F

From: timex
you my friend have target panic iv been struggling with it for a long time 2 things that help me are drawing aiming holding without shooting. & blank bale shooting but you need to get a hold of it sooner than later it will drive you nuts.

From: midwest
Try a tension activated release and learn how to pull through while allowing the pin to float. Then start John Dudley's weekly "School of Nock" and learn how to shoot.

From: Gator
Tension activated then graduate to a hinge release. If staying with a thumb/index finger release then blind bale practice will a good first step approach. Lot of good material covering target panic.

From: RD in WI
Buy a hydraulic release. It worked for me.

From: wyliecoyote
Thank you all....I see I have some work ahead of me !!


From: Busta'Ribs
Another strong vote for Joel Turner’s Shot IQ course. It will change your life.

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