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Treestand Wingman, experience anyone?
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tonyo6302 15-Feb-19
Cornpone 15-Feb-19
Shawn 15-Feb-19
tonyo6302 16-Feb-19
Fields 16-Feb-19
Franklin 16-Feb-19
From: tonyo6302

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Does anyone have any experience with the Treestand Wingman ?

From: Cornpone
Although untried yet, I bought one awhile ago. Waiting for a decent day when I can have my son present in case something goes wrong when I adjust it. I made a slight modification with the strap which has nothing to do with it's integrity. Appears to be a well made unit. I have absolutely no doubt it will work as demonstrated. I intend to use it in conjunction with my current climbing rope. I'll have a carabiner connecting the wingman to the Ropeman 1 on my climbing rope. Thus I won't have to thread the long wingman strap through it's own loop around the tree.

From: Shawn
Check your local Wally world I just bought 3 Primal descender ones that are basically the same thing for 17.97 a piece. Normal price I believe was 59 dollars. On line they are 40 bucks on sale but go to your local stores. Also bought Carbon Express Mutiny arrows .340 spine for a buck a piece, bohning blazers .50 cents for 26 and on and on! Shawn

From: tonyo6302
Interesting, Shawn. I had heard of neither until yesterday.

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From: Fields
I use one every time I hunt. Luckily, I have not needed it, but it sure gives me piece of mind knowing I can be lowered to the ground if I fall. I use a rock climbing harness. My one complaint, or problem is when attaching it to the harness. Everything stayed down near my waist and sometimes the device would hit my seat or my bow when sitting or moving, causing a unwanted noise. I now use a 5 foot extension, that hooks up to my harness and up through my coat coming out the neck or back and connects to the wingman.. I really like that is takes up little space, I don't need a large harness and is light weight..

From: Franklin
Looks like a fun way to get out of your stand at steps to find in low light.

You can actually make this with a descender carabiner....the friction from the rope wraps control the speed of descent. A simple touch of the rope will stop it all together.

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