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Pnuma heated vest
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Milhouse 16-Feb-19
hitmanatgym 16-Feb-19
kota-man 17-Feb-19
From: Milhouse
From what I can see, everyone who owns one (almost everyone) loves 'em...they have been out of stock forever. Anyone got a line on when they might be available again? I emailed Pnuma and got nothing for a response.

How about the rest of their line? Anyone care to comment on their layering/base layer clothing? Looking at maybe picking up some of their merino layers, possibly the insulated base layer pants.

From: hitmanatgym
Great gear!!! I am also on the list for a heated vest! The merino layers are great!


From: kota-man
I think there’s about 5000 of us “on the list”... ;)

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