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Wind vs. Dead Calm
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Inshart 16-Feb-19
JohnMC 16-Feb-19
elkmtngear 16-Feb-19
Ucsdryder 16-Feb-19
JTV 16-Feb-19
Beendare 16-Feb-19
Bowbender 16-Feb-19
Elkoholic 16-Feb-19
Paul@thefort 16-Feb-19
Ziek 16-Feb-19
mrelite 16-Feb-19
sbschindler 16-Feb-19
Cazador 16-Feb-19
Matt 16-Feb-19
wyobullshooter 16-Feb-19
Bowboy 16-Feb-19
goelk 16-Feb-19
Kodiak 16-Feb-19
TD 16-Feb-19
Ron Niziolek 16-Feb-19
Scoot 16-Feb-19
deadeye 16-Feb-19
N-idaho 16-Feb-19
BULELK1 17-Feb-19
Lost Arra 17-Feb-19
ElkNut1 17-Feb-19
Boone 17-Feb-19
Shawn 18-Feb-19
Dale06 18-Feb-19
trophyhill 19-Feb-19
From: Inshart
Just curious: VERY DRY CONDITIONS. Would you rather hunt with absolutely no wind (hit the puff bottle and it floats slowly straight down) or with steady (say 12 to 15 MPH) constant, (out of just one direction) wind?

I know there are lots of pros and cons to both ... no wind: stalking can be a bugger, however you can hear a bugle/cow call, a long ways off. Verses Constant winds: can't hear very well but stalking can be easier.

From: JohnMC
12-15 mph for sure. That is not to bad of a wind. Get much higher than that probably no wind.

From: elkmtngear
I love a steady, dependable wind!

From: Ucsdryder
In my experience it’s never 100% calm in the mountains! Thermals are always doing something. So I’ll take 12-15 mph CONSISTENT wind all day long!!!

From: JTV
I'll take a steady wind 5-15mph from one direction every time .. I hate dead calm ...

From: Beendare
Agreed, A little wind has many advantages.

From: Bowbender
5-10mph. Hate dead calm days. Killed a nice 8 point last year. Winds were 15-20mph. Not a fan of that, but hey it was 03-Nov. Gotta be in a tree.

From: Elkoholic
As long as it’s not swirling I’ll take the steady wind.

From: Paul@thefort
YEP for sure.

From: Ziek
"As long as it’s not swirling..."

That's pretty funny. Unless you're on a glass flat surface, with no trees or ANY obstructions (even you), it's always swirling.

From: mrelite
LOL a constant swirling wind, love it!

Once any breeze gets constant it is game on and perfect stalking conditions.

From: sbschindler
nothing beats an honest wind, 10 t0 15 is good

From: Cazador
I will take the dead calm any day over wind. I know what the thermals will do and when. I can count on it. Not so with wind.

Hard down or up thermal with no wind is about as good as it gets.

Didn’t see one direction quote.....still sticking to my calm and thermals. Winds in the mountains, draws, slopes, are never stable. “Tooth Fairy” real type question.

From: Matt
Not even a question IMO.

Give me a 10-12mph breeze any day.

From: Bowboy
What he said^^^^^

From: goelk
Wind for me

From: Kodiak
Wind is your friend...or your worst enemy.

I'm a Minnesota flat lander but I've learned to work the mountain breezes pretty well. They'll screw you 9 times outta 10 though. What it is.

From: TD
Where did I put that Magic Wand..... was around here somewhere..... too late..... one hand full already..... =D

From: Ron Niziolek
I'll go with wind every time.

From: Scoot
10 mph steady wind is ideal IMO

From: deadeye
Well here in WY I have never scene anything but a swirling wind!!

From: N-idaho
I love a bright sunny day no wind. Learn the thermals where you hunt and they are very dependable on the right days. Plus I can hear a silent bull coming in from sticks and brush rustling

I am a breeze guy with it into my face as much as possible.

I hate big wind like with the Thunderstorms...….dangerous for trees coming down ect.

Good luck, Robb

From: Lost Arra
Where I hunt in Wyoming a dead calm day is rare. When it occurs the odds favor the elk because they feed and bed in areas where the thermals swirl a lot. I don't like the BIG winds Wyoming is famous for but give me rustling quakies every day.

From: ElkNut1
Predictable wind direction allows me the right approach & setup before calling. The same would apply to a Spot & Stalk or a Call & Stalk encounter where terrain allowed a silent stealthy approach. Most dark timber areas I hunt do not allow this feature so it becomes an automatic calling situation, wind direction is crucial at that time!



From: Boone
I'd take the dead calm day as I am a whitetail hunter in Wisconsin with tight small valleys and any wind isn't in 1 direction it just swirls around and can cause havoc

From: Shawn
The wind wins easily, not only for deer not catching your scent but also getting your bow drawn. You ever try and draw a bow on a deer at 10 yards when dead calm? 8 to 15 mph is perfect. Shawn

From: Dale06
For sure, a steady breeze.

From: trophyhill
Love the challenge either way. When anything is predictable, hunters become predictable. Love changing up on the fly. Heck, I'll take swirling winds too! I think there's way too much hype associated with the wind based on what I've experienced ;)

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