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Looking Into Cellular Cameras
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BUCKeye 17-Feb-19
drycreek 17-Feb-19
flyingbrass 17-Feb-19
hogdaddy 17-Feb-19
boothill 18-Feb-19
Schmitty78 18-Feb-19
Hunt98 18-Feb-19
leo17 18-Feb-19
loprofile 19-Feb-19
leftee 20-Feb-19
From: BUCKeye
Just starting my research. I have a spot that I could greatly benefit from having a camera that I don't have to physically check on. The cuddelink system is very appealing to avoid a recurring monthly bill but the location of the "home" base camera would be about 2/3 mile away with some blocks of trees and a small hill in between which may exceed the transmit distance and its not possible to put a relay station in between. I also like the total price of around $350 to 400 for the camera plus home base. Looks like Spartan and Spypoint and others run about that much for just the camera plus at least $20/mo for service (probably need 5 mos/yr) which is a bit more than I am willing to spend. Are there any other products on the market like Cuddelink that relay to a home base to avoid the montly fee? Thanks

From: drycreek
My monthly fee for the one Spartan that I use on a hog trap runs less than half of that for a monthly fee. Can't comment on the others.

From: flyingbrass
I'm on board with Covert brand. They are a good camera. They have a cheaper system coming out in April also.

From: hogdaddy
every covert i buy has a shorter life than the last. when a defunct function switch equals an irreparable unit its time to look elsewhere. my two cents worth.

From: boothill
You might check out the Bigfoot brand of cellular camera on Amazon. A friend of mine in Colorado uses them in the mountains and they work great. Can use them with different cell companies as well. I've got one I use as a regular camera as I don't have much cell service in my area. The trigger speed isn't as fast as my Bushnells but they take great pictures with good battery life.

From: Schmitty78
Not sure on their cellular camera, but I have a solar powered Spypoint and am disappointed with the quality of night pictures and the trigger speed and flash range can’t be close to what they advertise. I’ve watched deer walk right by the thing and it not catch them on more than one occasion.

From: Hunt98
Spypoint Cellular Trailcam... buyer beware!

I bought one last season. The images and battery life were not the best. I could live with that.

But then the cellular transmission of pictures troubles began.

To make a long story short, their ‘solutions’ didn’t work and their tech support sucked. I ended up returning it to the store.

From: leo17

Ive been using exodus trail cameras for a while. 5 year warranty. they just came out with a cellular option. i pre ordered one so Im not sure how well it will work.

From: loprofile
I have two of them. The Moultrie Mobile works great. A little cumbersome because the camera and the modem are separate units. The plus side of this is that the modem works with all Moultrie cameras so if a camera malfunctions you can change it out. The subscriptions vary but there is no annual commitment. I also have the lower end Spypoint EVO. It is compact and simple and works fine. Picture quality is ok at best and it has very limited nighttime range but the subscriptions are reasonable and it works. Both of these can operate fine on the cheapest plans unless they are on feeders. Once you used the cellular system it is difficult to get motivated to use your old traditional setups.

From: leftee
I have quite a few Spartans.Been using them 3-4 years without a single problem.Run them year round in multiple States and even for home security if gone. Verizon.$5 per cam per month.Good on batteries if use Lithium. Now you need Gen 4s though.

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