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MTN Lion recipes??
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pointingdogs 18-Feb-19
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Jaquomo 07-Mar-19
From: pointingdogs
A friend just returned from Colorado and shot a cat. I have had MTN LION once before and it was good. They are looking for any good recipes for the cat. Thanks in advance.

From: Yellowjacket
Use any slow cooker pork roast recipe. It's so lean and has to be cooked to a safe temperature because of trichinosis so in a liquid in the slow cooker works really well.

From: Zbone
Best wild game meat I ever ate was cougar, looking forward to this...

From: coelker
Green Chile or :

From: TravisScott
Treat it similar to pork. The one thing a lot of people screw up with Cats is their fat actually has a pleasant flavor to it. Don’t get to carried away with trimming it all off. My personal favorite is to leave the back ham in tact with a good layer of fat, put your favorite seasonings on it with a good amount of salt, place it on the smoker and MAKE SURE the internal temperature is safe (165 I believe but please double check). The meat is great!

From: Scoot
Pan fried with a whiskey cream sauce ove it at the end. My kids favorite food they ever ate!

From: Ct-z7
19-Feb-19!! It's dry but if your patient it can be very moist.

From: JohnMC
He shot a cougar in CO? The real men these days are killing them with their bare hands.

From: Ct-z7

From: TrapperKayak
I had a package of it once. Like the best pork chop I ever ate!

From: Boreal
Stir fry in a wok.

From: wkochevar
Green Chile indeed!! Another is to pound out a steak to 1/4", flour and fry. When your done make a mushroom cream sauce in the fry pan and serve it all over smashed taters! Best "chicken fry" you'll eat. I may have to go get another since I'm just about out!

From: Nick Muche
I made lots of stir fry with mine. Also made bacon wrapped bite size pieces with water chestnut and a raspberry vinnegrette drizzle.

From: Stoneman
Part of a show and tell for my son's 3rd grade class, along with taking the skull, I made mt lion meatballs. Enough that all the kids could have 2 each. Some of the girls opted out resulting in several boys competing for the remaining meatballs. Good stuff!

From: Highlife
Reach out to Fuzzy no kidding

From: TallTines
I used the crock pot for roasts just as I would with pork and also had a fair amount made into breakfast sausage. Wonderful eating.

From: Altizer
Aluminum foil and a radiator. Lion hunting New Mexico one time with a couple of buddies that are Apache. I had flown in late and they were waiting at the airport. We went straight to the mountains. After being up 27 hours they asked if I was hungry. I said yes, they stopped, opened the hood and pulled foil off the radiator. Then they unwrapped tamales, lion tamales. Best I ever had. Kept them hot on the radiator.

From: Fuzzy
I coo it like a pork roast, low and slow

From: RymanCat
Mine was like veal. Roasted, steaked and burger was all the best animal ever eaten.

From: Ziek
Lots of good ideas above. It's meat. Cook it like meat and you won't be disappointed.

From: ahunter76
Long ago I was told by a Native American to treat Cat as you would Pork. Since then, I have heard the same.

From: Fuzzy
the roasts Highlife is referring to were whole shoulders from a mature lion. I used Tony Cacheres seasoning with some brown sugar as a dry rub then put the shoulder whole in a preheated dutch oven with just a couple tablespoons of sizzling hot cooking oil. Added two large peeled and quartered Vidalia onions and can of beer. Covered the dutch oven and cooked in the range oven at 275 degrees 4 hours....came out pretty darned good!

From: Ziek
"Long ago I was told by a Native American to treat Cat as you would Pork."

True that. They can carry trichinosis, like feral pigs and bears. Best to be safe and cook well done.

From: TrapperKayak
I had some and it was like the best tasting pork chops I ever ate. So yeah, treat it like pork chops IMO...

From: Jaquomo
If you google "best mountain lion recipes" all sorts of good stuff pops up

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