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waterproof boots
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From: btb
I know rubber boots are 100% waterproof but I cannot hunt all day in those. My hunting boots will stay dry for a while after spraying with silicone spray but just walking in wet grass, my feet will get wet.

I have done the research and all the so called waterproof boots will leak at some point according to the reviews.

Maybe someone here has boots that they are satisfied with. thanks

From: jdee
I always buy good boots and always heat them up and apply a cream like Sno seal or Kennetrac boot cream. Let it sit for a day then spray them with scent free silicone......dry feet !

This isn’t going to be the cool answer. But, I broke down two years ago and thought I’d try a pair of Wellco hybrid mountain boots. I’ve worn them almost exclusively for almost two years.

They are Gotetex lined. And, I’ve spent countless hours in mud and water with not the first leak. Coupled with fairies and I’m good to my knees for being dry.

I liked them so much I bought a pair just for hunting. No insulation. They are a touch heavy. But, they are Kevlar lined which makes it work legal.

From: tjsna
Go to wiggy' and get your eyes opened about this very subject. Or go to youtube and watch all his videos.

From: nvgoat
Wy Mountaineer- curious as to the type of "fairies" you are using.

From: skookumjt
I just went to Wiggy's and read their opinion on waterproof breathable material. It couldn't have been more wrong. I have seen quality laminates work in the lab and in real life.

Buy a quality pair of boots that utilizes a quality membrane and wear a good pair of wool socks and you should never have wet feet. I work as a forester in about every condition imaginable and NEVER get wet feet unless I go over the tops.

From: LBshooter
I ordered some grease and slab it all over my boots and in the seams, works like a champ.

From: dirtclod Az.
Filson rub/wax warmed up for Leather pants and boots.

From: Scooter
I’ve had a pair of Russell Moccasin Sheep hunter boots for about 20 yrs... Had them out West Montana, Wyoming, etc. on different hunts in all kinds of weather... Used what they recommended on them periodically, to preserve the leather and waterproof um... I can only say this, wouldn’t trade them for any other boot out there....Comfortable from day one... and still are today.... I don’t wear em all the time naturally, but come hunting season, we are best friends....

From: jjs
Went through my last of Montana Pitch Blend, work it in the seams and have served well, use to use Bear Grease but for bow hunting Montana Pitch is what I used. Sno seal will harden and crack, depends on the material of the boot what works the best. LaCrosse boots are hard to beat in soggy wet conditions.

I've had great luck with Zamberlan Outfitter GT's. I clean them and apply Obenaufs after almost every outing and they have been 100% waterproof for just over 2 years now. I think finding boots with solid leather and minimal seems is key

From: BC173
Anyone have good luck with Meindles?

From: skookumjt
I used Meindl's for years and absolutely loved them but they got rid of the styles that I liked and like most of Cabela's offerings became lower quality in recent years.

From: lv2bohunt
Soloman Mountain Alps. Lightweight, excellent support but flexible and no wet feet for me yet.

From: Royboy
I only wear goretex if it’s wet out. Boots that say waterproof are ok for a while. My favorite pair were Nike high tops goretex that lasted several years

From: SBH
Kennetreks for me. Going on 5 years and no leaks yet.

From: PistolPete
Your skin is waterproof - Goretex is not. You wouldn’t wear a rain jacket on a nice day; why do that to your feet?

From: Bou'bound
Lowa Tibets

From: DanaC
Gore-Tex has failed me in too many boots to count. Are we talking 'damp' or 'raining heavy'? Dew or crossing brooks?

From: Lee
You have two foresters commenting on here that are obviously not casual boot wearers. I’d take note!


From: Whocares
I'm a 72 year old northern Minnesota forester that hasn't commented yet.... :)

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