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Ghillie Suit?
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Jasper 20-Feb-19
keepemsharp 20-Feb-19
smarba 20-Feb-19
Cheesehead Mike 20-Feb-19
Treeline 20-Feb-19
stick n string 20-Feb-19
ground hunter 20-Feb-19
76aggie 20-Feb-19
Paul@thefort 20-Feb-19
Scrappy 20-Feb-19
Cornpone 20-Feb-19
DL 20-Feb-19
Julius Koenig 20-Feb-19
jjs 20-Feb-19
Rocky D 20-Feb-19
GF 21-Feb-19
Peter Denzin 21-Feb-19
Franzen 21-Feb-19
trkyslr 21-Feb-19
Timbrhuntr 21-Feb-19
Shug 22-Feb-19
From: Jasper
Last year I decided to ditch the blind to be more mobile going after gobblers. I ended up being successful but got busted a good bit. I’m a long time turkey hunter so know about movement, decoys to draw their attention, etc., etc. Curious if anyone has increased success using a ghillie suit? Or are they a waste of $? Thanks!

From: keepemsharp
My son puts his on and sneaks up within bow range real regular.

From: smarba
ASAT 3D Vanishpro Leafy Suit is an awesome piece for ambushing turkeys without a blind.

Don't know yet, but I bought one last fall that I plan to use this spring for turkey...

From: Treeline
Been using them for turkeys for many years. Work especially well for backpack hunting as a lightweight, mobile blind...

I dont see anybody stalking up on a PA gobbler with a bow in anything “on the regular”. I think cover around you and trying to wait for the turkeys vision to be blocked when drawing is the key.

I have had one for a long time. Mine is a 3/4 top with inside veil and hood. Its on my back with straps, and put it on when I set up. will keep it on during field hunting, but do not walk the woods with it too much,,,,,

From: 76aggie
I bought a ghillie suit in December of last year but have not used it as of yet. In its current form, it seems almost impossible to shoot my recurve with it on. If you are familiar with the Waldrop Pac Seat, go to the website. Mr Waldrop has a series of four short videos about the use of his seat. Video number four demonstrates how he modifies his ghillie suit to enable hunters to more easily shoot a bow with it. Before turkey season, I will begin making some of his modifications. I really have high hopes for my 3/4 length ghillie suit.

From: Paul@thefort

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Just remember, one still has to make movement when drawing the bow.

From: Scrappy
Any of the full strut decoys that attach to your bow will pretty much eliminate the need for a ghillie suite.

Just sneak close enough for the Tom to feel intruded upon and let him see it move around a little. All that is left to do is draw your bow and defend yourself.

From: Cornpone
No ghillie suit but I've killed more than a few and a leafy suit seems to do the trick. Hens can be your downfall more so than a tom, in my experience. I've had hens very close and not pick me up wearing the leafy.

From: DL
Just wear a Hecs suit. You can just reach out and strangle one according to the adds.

I wonder how many deer ticks can hide in a ghillie suit?

From: jjs
Bushrag has been the real deal, was made for bowhunters and is lite, to bad Marc Anthony stopped making them, far better than the traditional ghillie which I still have. The other one I recommend is the Bug Stop, early season with the blood suckers out it works well also.

From: Rocky D
X2 Stickandsyring

From: GF
I think the only sane approach would be to treat the ghillie pretty thoroughly with permethrin...

From: Peter Denzin
I found wearing my leafy suit results in significantly less stare downs.

From: Franzen
Stick with the challenge, and you'll probably have more fun. Bet last season was a blast.

From: trkyslr
A Gillie is not necessary.. but good camo that blends in with your terrain is. And of course your setup locations and no movement are huge.

From: Timbrhuntr
And good life like decoys don't hurt !!

From: Shug
I always wear a leafy suit as well I would attach branches to my bow and turn it into my blind.

You still have to be aware of your draw timing

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