AC Joint Irritation/Tear
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McCree 20-Feb-19
Franklin 20-Feb-19
Beendare 20-Feb-19
jrb(CO) 20-Feb-19
lscott53 21-Feb-19
Grunter 21-Feb-19
From: McCree
Several times recently after shooting my bow I get a sore shoulder on my string arm. I get a knot near the outer end of my collar bone and it's sore to the touch and visible to the eye. It seems to go away after a day or two but flares up when I shoot again. My self diagnosis leads me to a torn or irritated AC joint. Other than shooting it doesn't cause me much pain. Has anyone else experienced this? If I take a few weeks off from shooting will it heal? Just looking for some experience from other shooters out there. Thanks,

From: Franklin
Yes....I had that issue for years as I separated this joint a few times. I developed arthritis and it looked like a egg and you couldn`t touch it. When I had rotator cuff surgery they went in and ground it off. No issue since then.

I tried everything to calm it down and nothing worked. If it`s just starting maybe a cortisone shot would help.

From: Beendare
Yeah, Ignore it and it will go away.....NOT!

Go to your doctor for gawds sake......

From: jrb(CO)
Injections help, but AC joint resection curative. I finally had to bite the bullet. Good luck.

From: lscott53
its called AC joint arthritis. They remove a small amout of bone in between the joint so there is more room for the joint to move. Had both of mine done and has worked wonderfully. There was no limatations after surgery only some theraphy for range of motion. Very easy and pain free fix GO FOR IT

From: Grunter
Yes I've also had it. Only thing that helped me were lateral raises and A/C joint movements with resistance. I tried Dr's, chiro's, physical therapy. All waste of time and money. If you want PM me and I'll explain the movements more. I can now pull and push without pain.

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