Trouble with Bowsite Search?
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Meat Hunter 21-Feb-19
Jaquomo 21-Feb-19
Bou'bound 21-Feb-19
Z Barebow 21-Feb-19
Meat Hunter 21-Feb-19
ELKMAN 21-Feb-19
smurph 21-Feb-19
Loghouse 21-Feb-19
GVS 21-Feb-19
RutnStrut 22-Feb-19
From: Meat Hunter
Is anyone else having trouble using Bowsite Search (under Site Support menu)? At first I was shown a purple bar with the words Loading written in italics. The page didn't load and I wasn't able to enter a keyword or phrase as prompted. I tried using a different browser (IE) and realized that appears to be a browser blocking/security issue. After successfully being able to enter text, search results that appear seem to be from the Internet in general, not the Bowsite threads I'm trying to search. Has anyone else encountered this and/or have a fix? Forgive me if I'm making a simple mistake or it's been covered already. Any help is greatly appreciated.

From: Jaquomo
I gave up awhile back. Now I just do the Google and include "Bowsite" in my search topic.

From: Bou'bound
The google thing works but not as well as the search used to. that is the one feature in this site platform that has regressed in the past two decades.

From: Z Barebow
+1 Jaq method- I don't even bother trying via Bowsite.

From: Meat Hunter
It's unfortunate because there's a lot of valuable information in historic threads. Less topic repetition also makes current content better/more useful.

I'm with Jaq. Search function on here is useless.

From: smurph
elkman +1

From: Loghouse
So it's not just me!

From: GVS
I found it useless.

From: RutnStrut
It must be something that is a difficult if not impossible fix as I know it has been brought up before.

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