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Was GoHunt or TopRut Right w/ Odds?
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cnelk 21-Feb-19
Trex 21-Feb-19
Treeline 21-Feb-19
Mossyhorn 21-Feb-19
Carnage2011 21-Feb-19
WapitiBob 21-Feb-19
c3 21-Feb-19
TD 21-Feb-19
'Ike' (Phone) 21-Feb-19
Beendare 21-Feb-19
Surfbow 22-Feb-19
From: cnelk
Curious about how close GoHunt or TopRut were to predicting draw odds for WY elk.

Anyone use their data and draw??

From: Trex
Used it and didn't draw...

From: Treeline
When combined with other information about the units from talking to people, yes. Pretty much on the money for what I expected looking at the 5 units for elk in Wyoming that I was looking hard at.

From: Mossyhorn
Are they really predicting odds or are they just posting what the prior years’ odds were?

From: Carnage2011
They don’t predict odds. They give you the statistics from last years draw.

From: WapitiBob
Toprut lists their odds as "2018 odds" and they are very accurate. The best site for the money.

There are 2 people that predict odds that I have seen, for OR and Utah.



From: c3
Definitely 2018 odds on TopRut. I would have been 66% chance with 9 points last year and didn't draw with 10 this year :(

Cheers, Pete

From: TD
Predicting draw odds..... aren't they kind of like the weatherman saying "50% chance of rain...." ??

Well...... except for lots of em that are 0%......

Odds and trying to pay attention to trends in the units your interested in...

From: Beendare
Even if you pour over how many applicants at what point just can't account for guys that point bank and don't apply until they think they can draw.

I watch more than a few states....and I KNOW I'm not the only one of us doing this................ /grin

There for a couple years i thought there were only 3-4 guys ahead of me in the draw for Nevada elk. Now a whole slew of guys pop up with a boatload of points, dang it.....point banking no doubt.

Point creep is here to stay for awhile on many of these hunts.

From: Surfbow
GoHunt said I had a 3.7% chance, didn't draw, VERY disappointed!

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