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Montana's Drawing Process???
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Steve H. 21-Feb-19
planebow 21-Feb-19
JL 21-Feb-19
Scrappy 21-Feb-19
Bigdan 21-Feb-19
Steve H. 22-Feb-19
Chasin Bugles 22-Feb-19
LKH 22-Feb-19
From: Steve H.
Now that I've been summarily rejected by the state I pay property tax in, Wyoming.... I'm looking three miles to the North and Montana. Anyone that has looked over MT's Regulations knows how horrible they are written. So, I finally figured out, somewhat, how the combo licenses work, and that you can apply for a "Permit" for limited entry if you draw a combo license. So my question is if you put a Permit area as a first choice and don't draw, does the system give you a second choice permit at that time if they are available or go onto the next person whose name pops up and then later cycle back around and fill the second choice Permits? Details matter.

From: planebow
As I understand it, all areas are drawn for first choice then if any spots are left in an area they will fill with second choice and if there is still some left in that area the will fill with third choice.

From: JL
I believe as a non-res you can draw one of the 17K NR Big Game Combo's (or elk only) and hunt most anywhere. One of the MT experts can fact-check that one.

From: Scrappy
Plainbow explained how I believe it is supposed to work but I believe it didn't happen that way last year. I'm working here strictly by my memory from last year so my info maybe completely wrong.

I know someone here will suggest you call the Montana fwp to get the correct info but we have also learned that when it comes to Montana they sometimes are not sure what is going on either.

From: Bigdan
You can apply for one of the limited units and if you don't draw you can keep your combo license and hunt the general units with it our get an 80% refund and turn it back in there is no need to apply for a second limited unit if you don't draw your first pick you will not draw as a nonresident

From: Steve H.
Thanks, I thing BigDan answered my real question whether I could draw a second choice as a NR (or not).

There were 0 antlered or either sex permits awarded to NR in 2018 on a 2nd or 3rd choice. There were 28 permits awarded to NR on a 2nd or 3rd choice but all were antlerless permits. Gotta hit on your first choice

From: LKH
Any MT unit that has limited tags has an additional limit of no more than 10% of the tags going to NR's.

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