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Reggear Outfitters?
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McCree 22-Feb-19
Mule Power 22-Feb-19
SteveB 23-Feb-19
McCree 25-Feb-19
tobywon 25-Feb-19
PAstringking 25-Feb-19
Mule Power 25-Feb-19
houndy65 26-Feb-19
From: McCree
Any experience with this outfitter for mtn. lion?

From: Mule Power
Yes. I used to book hunts for him. Book your hunt you’ll get what you paid for. Very high success. Travis is a hound hunting machine.

From: SteveB
Follow their Facebook page and you’ll learn everything you need.

From: McCree
Bump...There has to be a few out there who have hunted with Travis...???

From: tobywon

tobywon's Link
There is one report from Dec. 2016 in the outfitter section for them and its a great report. Sounds like a great outfitter that went out of his way to satisfy his client. Maybe the hunter will chime in here or PM him. See attached link.

From: PAstringking

PAstringking's embedded Photo
PAstringking's embedded Photo
Travis did well for me....

From: Mule Power
HunterDad has n here hunted with him and still thanks me for sending him there. I had two guys come up to me at the Harrisburg Pa show. Both had been on previous lion hunts but neither had killed a cat. They said they’d be happy if they went 1 for 2. I got a call when they got back... 2 for 2 and happy as can be.

From: houndy65
Travis is a very good outfitter and houndsman, he will treat you right. He has a really pack of hounds. His lion and bear hunts are very good in my opinion. I have been in the hound world all my life.

Good luck Terry

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