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Monatana units 328 and 302
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Teeton 22-Feb-19
137buck 23-Feb-19
Teeton 25-Feb-19
From: Teeton
Ok thinking of putting in for Montana combo tag, and I'm try to get as much info as I can. I killed my first Bull in montana many of years back. Hunted there 3 time, twice successful. Now I haven't hunted there since I think 2009. That trip I didn't get one, but did get to see 3 Grizzlies..

Now I'm thinking of hunting units 328 and or 302. I chatted with some guy that hunted these units 2 years ago with rifle. So before I put for the draw, I'm trying to gather as much info as I can.. I've never hunted or been in these unit so I'm looking for any that has experience in these units..

The areas they hunt didn't have many Grizzlies, but is that only the areas they hunted or do other parts of the units have bear. Basically do these units 328/302 have high numbers of bear?? Any deer in these units? Hows the roads over all in the units? Planning on backpack in. So can the forest service roads get gumbo up that a ATV should be brought to get back in on them to your jumping off point? Any black bear in them and if so should a tag for them, be gotten? Hunted a unit in Wyoming twice and both times had great opportunities at a bear, but no tag. :( I know that weather and humidity levels are different in different parts of Montana.. So hows the weather and humidity levels in the south western part of the state the last 2 weeks of September?

I'm pretty sure I have more questions but just can't think of them right now.. So l'll post them up later when I think of them.

Thanks Ed

From: 137buck
For bears, plan on them being all over in western Montana, especially closer to Yellowstone you are. As for the weather, we have low humidity, and for the last two weeks of September, it can be anywhere from 80's and sunny, to below freezing and snow. As for the atv, it can be helpful, since roads here can and will be rough, but do not take them off the roads and trails, I see it every year and call every one of them in.

From: Teeton
Thanks Buck137,, I'm not a big atv'er. My new one I have since 2009 and only about 400 miles on it and it's get most of the miles cutting my fields twice a year. About 25 miles each time, of going around and around and around. :) I got this one for when I went out west for 28 days. Hunting in 2 states just in case I need it. Well I never took it off the trailer in them 28 days. I've been out there where you could not move for 3 days straight, gumbo!!!

Plan is for me to fly out and my Buddy who with be driving, pick me up out there. We usually spend a day or two just driving the roads looking at what the areas we are interested in to see what it looks like in person and see what the hunter density is. Will be going over maps this Wednesday with a couple of guys that hunted them units.. If all looks good we be putting in for Mt. Ed

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