Ghost blinds....who's had success?
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Milhouse 24-Feb-19
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From: Milhouse
Ghost Blinds Who's used a Ghost Bind effectively? I was a scoffer for a long time......seems too gimmicky. But, after years of trying different ground blinds/setups, I'm thinking about them again.....seems like they could be effective in the right situations. By necessity, I am forced to hunt on the ground, or I basically eliminate 90% of my hunting ground. I have done quite well from ground setups ( not hub style blinds....I hate em), just looking to possibly add another tool to the arsenal.

IF I decide to try one, I'll build it myself....couple of great how to vids on YouTube. I priced out the basics....1/4" plexiglass/ window film/application kit @ Menards, about $105 +/-.

Not sure what direction I'll go with hinges, I more than likely have some laying around that will work. I would think I can get one done for approximately $120-$125.

Any input you guys have would be great. Thanks in advance.

From: leftee
Build it yourself,less likely to end up sitting in a corner somewhere. Great concept though-if there's no wind.

From: lawdy
I use one occasionally. I leave mine in the woods hidden in a blowdown along a game trail I hunt some because it is bulky. Play the wind, don’t face the late afternoon sun, and you won’t believe how close animals get. I have killed several deer with mine. I mainly move all day and hide before dark using a blowdown, brush blind, or the ghost blind. It was given to me for helping to work on a house. I would never buy one as they are not cheap.

From: Jaquomo
Sportsmans Guide has them for $199. I'm also interested for plains deer hunting, but not a handyman. My late wife could've made one for me in about a half hour, I suspect.

If you do make one, would you come back on and show us the finished product?

From: Bou'bound

From: Milhouse
The places I would hunt with it, I could stash it ...... I realize they're cumbersome and bulky. The one on the YouTube vid came out pretty slick. I , personally would play around with the shooting ports a bit....

I hunt a spot that is very thick cattails/ grass/brush....there are no trees. Hub style blinds make deer leery, at best, at least from my experiences. I've brushed them in, left em out for a month, and still they are constantly looking sideways at it. Much better luck running and gunning in ground hunting situations. Sometimes just a chair and a leafy suit.

From: Milhouse

Milhouse's Link
Here's the first video of 2 on building one out of plexiglass. 4x8 sheet/$65 Mirrored window film/$28 Application kit for film/$9 These prices are at Menards. I've got spray paint for the backside laying around, probably some hinges, a boatload of tent stakes, might have to drop another $12 or so on hinges, but may have some lying around.

I realize, not saving a ton....but I like to tinker. I own every tool imaginable to work on it. And I have the time.

From: woodguy65
Milhouse - the key is to make sure it ANGLES DOWN in the front to reflect the ground directly in front of it. Also, something needs to be directly behind you - like a very large tree, otherwise you are immediately skylighted. Good luck it seems simple enough to make and - you can customize it.

From: Zim
I bought one a couple years ago for hunting heavily pressured late season Wisconsin toms. Straight up fools them every time. Only problem has been I feel like I'm cheating so bad! If weather is good I like the open aspect in that I enjoy seeing/hearing better than a popup, but always opt for the popup if rain threatens. While turkey hunting I have been amazed how close deer will feed, totally oblivious to my presence. I've not used one while deer hunting yet, but would not hesitate if trees were not an option. Understand you need to be willing to tote along with a folding chair. But for turkey I have preferred this to sitting on the ground, due to the better view.

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