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Botswana Elephant
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wildwilderness 23-Feb-19
Ken Moody Safaris 23-Feb-19
kscowboy 23-Feb-19
Jaquomo 23-Feb-19

wildwilderness's Link
Looks like Botswana is considering re -opening its elephant hunts. A fairly written article without all the emotional attachment normally seen in media.

They are looking at reopening just about everything. We are already in the process of trying to secure a hunting block there.

From: kscowboy
My first safari was to the Okavango. Talk about being spoiled--what I wouldn't give to see that re-open. I think that was the Garden of Eden.

Really hoping it does, as I know Johan Calitz has been chomping at the bit get back to what he does best. If this goes through, Dad has 1 more elephant hunt in him.

From: Jaquomo
Great news for Botswana and for hunters.

One of my friends is building a giant log mansion for a couple here in CO who need a trophy room big enough to hold two life size elephant mounts....

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