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Montana Decoy vs. Killer gear elk fan
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John.Bonez 24-Feb-19
ohiohunter 24-Feb-19
Elkhntr101 24-Feb-19
cnelk 24-Feb-19
Beendare 24-Feb-19
tobinsghost 24-Feb-19
Bowfreak 25-Feb-19
David A. 25-Feb-19
Watched my brothers guide in New Mexico use a cow elk Montana decoy last year to call in multiple bulls from about a half mile or more away. Since then I have been convinced I need one. I primarily hunt an OTC unit in Colorado that is uphill both ways and it's usually a bachelor group of bulls. Looking for suggestions as to cow vs spike and montana decoy vs killer elk fan. All suggestions appreciated. Hoping this aids me in sealing the deal this year early season.

From: ohiohunter
Me personally like giving the bull the sense he may lose a cow, hence a rump decoy. Some bulls will call and call instead of coming in when they think they have the cows attention... “come here” more than “I’m losing her” mentality. In that I’d opt for Montana miz September over the fan.

From: Elkhntr101
I like a heads up decoy. They are lightweight which will keep you mobile.

From: cnelk
To the OP - what size of bulls were fooled by the decoy in NM?

I’ve used the Montana with mixed results and only small bulls committed

From: Beendare
I've been using decoys for many years- I think I have 4 now.

Definitely a learning curve to making them most effective.

From: tobinsghost
Ultimate Predator guy here. Just my $.02.

From: Bowfreak
I have very little elk experience but I have heard lots of good stuff about the decoy the Wayne Carlton sells. I've never used an elk decoy but have killed plenty of gobblers and a whitetail buck recently over one so I really am partial to trying one.

From: David A.
I have the elk fan and also Wayne Carlton's decoy. I'd rate them about equal just on what looks good to me since I don't have experience with them yet. The elk fan is much easier to carry and deploy, but the Carlton has more dimensionality in the face. The elk fan does have some dimensionality however and looks better in the body.

IMO, the new Booner Elk hat is better than the Be The Decoy hat. VERY good, but get the ones with the ears permanently attached, not the one with velcro. If I had to choose just one, it would probably be the Booner hat using a dark brown shirt w/brown facemask. But if you are hunting with a buddy, one of the other decoys could be used in combination.

Hunt safe...and I wouldn't suggest using these decoys during rifle season unless you are sure of your surroundings.

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