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Walmart bowhunt challenge
Whitetail Deer
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Huntcell 24-Feb-19
midwest 24-Feb-19
ground hunter 24-Feb-19
Errorhead 24-Feb-19
deerslayer 24-Feb-19
stick n string 24-Feb-19
Butternut40 24-Feb-19
BigOk 24-Feb-19
Shawn 24-Feb-19
Paul@thefort 24-Feb-19
From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's Link
Entertaining YouTube video getting started bowhunting with the least amount of equipment bought at Walmart.

Does mention that could get started at lower cost by buying used.

there is no mention what the cost of the archery shop’s service, added to his project.

From: midwest
Love the HP guys!

I watched that,,,, pretty funny huh

From: Errorhead
Pretty cool, but did he get all that camera equipment at Wal-Mart too?

From: deerslayer
That was a cool idea and hunt.

The premise wasnt to get ppl who dont hunt to film a deer hunt. It was an idea to show ppl that its possible to start bowhunting from scratch without all the high tech stuff available. I think it was a cool idea and cool video. Good on them

From: Butternut40
I like how they drag the bow across the belt during checkout.

From: BigOk
I enjoy watching all of the HTP videos.

From: Shawn
the funny thing is if you went to Walmart in mid January they had that same bow on clearance for 199 bucks and Carbon express mutiny arrows for a buck a piece. They also had Grim Reaper broadheads for 11 bucks a pack and Tru fire releases for 15 bucks. You could of bought everything for under 300 bucks and that is a dozen arrows included. i like the premise of the video, I watch all their videos and they do a nice job!! Shawn

From: Paul@thefort

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Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
I have been using the Walmart arrows on the majority of my turkey and goose hunts and I killed this year's Coues buck with the same arrow and Mech. BH from Walmart.

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