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Elk Hunting Clothing Layers
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Mr_steve 25-Feb-19
jdee 25-Feb-19
Franklin 25-Feb-19
Mr_steve 25-Feb-19
Spookinelk 25-Feb-19
swede 26-Feb-19
mgmicky 26-Feb-19
rookie 26-Feb-19
AZBUGLER 28-Feb-19
ohiohunter 28-Feb-19
From: Mr_steve
I made a video explaining my layering system and the purpose of each layer. A fundamental understanding for staying comfortable while hunting that I feel some people never hear about. Lots of marketing out there that is confusing about the basics with their claims to do everything with one layer.

I'm hoping it helps someone planning their first trip out West! Please note that everyone is a little different on their system and I missed some points in the video. I do see a lot of people looking for one jacket to do it all like tree stand hunting and that just doesn't work in the backcountry. Lastly, don't think because of the thumbnail that I am advocating for all Kuiu (or matching systems of any brand like Sitka or First Lite), it's just what I have. Lots of great ways to acquire miss matched layers that do just as good of a job at less cost through ebay, REI garage sale, military surplus, facebook marketplace, HuntTalk, etc. The important part is to have all the functioning layers for your system.

My plan is to hunt Idaho archery elk unless I draw AZ which is unlikely. Getting excited! Hope this helps someone!

From: jdee
Good video and info... Thanks

From: Franklin
And when you`re done you can sell the clothes and buy another elk hunt....jk..

From: Mr_steve
Thanks JDee!

Franklin, gear is definitely getting ridiculous on price! Top shelf gear won’t make you a better hunter though.

From: Spookinelk
Good video, glad you pointed out that you can go cheap and get good performance! Being financially challenged myself, I have some ideas for other po-folks to start with.

Military surplus silk weight base layers( polar tec) and synthetic under -armor style long sleeve t shirts as amid layer from Walmart($30 total).

Get a decent set of quick dry hiking pants(I wear Columbia or Cabelas xpg camo ($40 ) .

A mid weight fleece jacket($50) and quality packable rain suit (I have a Marmot Precip suit ($90) on sale).

Add a down puffy if you anticipate cold weather, I got a black one on sale for about $50.

I like the merino wool and higher end stuff but if you are on a budget the stuff I listed will get you by (safely and comfortably) for about 1/4 the price. A lot of the hiking gear companies are offering gear in more subdued colors that work well for hunting, watch for sales!The Sitka or Kuiu equivalent of the gear setup I mentioned above is about $1200, the difference will almost finance an out of state elk hunt for me! Boots are really the only place where I don't pay too much attention to cost.

From: swede
I found the video to be helpful. I wish I could find a good way to stay warm in a tree stand without bulking up. I tend to prefer to be on the cold side and avoid too much bulk, but if I am too cold I can't draw my bow. I have been thinking about making a sleeping bag cocoon thing with the top of the bag tied up high so I can step out like Superman from the telephone booth. I know that stunt is dated and only for those over 50 or 60. lol

From: mgmicky
Nicely done, thanks. mg

From: rookie
Great video lots of good info from everyone here. I like Spook just can’t make myself spend that kind of money on clothing.

I have the most use for really high tech clothing for elk hunting. It can be damn near 90 and below freezing same day. Lots of moving around and sweating and a lot of stationary. Things that breath, do not absorb moisture or are water proof, insulate with minimal weight and volume, and also made for hunting are way worth it for me. I find that my own personal comfort is very important to me.....

Lol. My layering system- T-shirt on and T-shirt off to dry out for a while...

From: ohiohunter
One of my best t-shirts has been Nike dry-fit.

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