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Stickflingers is back (Bear hunts)
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Back as a sponsor here and just thought you all might want to see whats going on with business!

From: SBH
Great video man! Well done. Love to see someone follow their dreams. Looks like a blast.

From: T Mac
Well said your passion comes through, great video and looks like a great camp! Best of luck!

From: Ibow
Awesome... I miss being up there Ryan. Had such a good time with you & David.

From: Tyler
Welcome back Ryan! love your work!

From: APauls
It's just not right when some people are so devilishly handsome. And then kill giant bears to boot.

From: Ollie
I hunted with Ryan in 2017 and killed a nice bear my second evening. I saw six bears prior to shooting the seventh one. The first bear was on the bait before my guide started his quad to leave the area. Quite a few color phase bears in his area. Stands are set up for 10-15 yard shots from ladder stands. Ryan knows bears and knows the needs of bowhunters. You would be hard-pressed to find a better place to hunt for big bears. I will be returning in late May for my second hunt with Ryan.

From: M.Pauls
Great video Ry. Had a blast hunting elk as friends in that area a few years ago, it was stunningly beautiful. I have never seen so many bears in my life, and coloured bears at that! I think the great atmosphere you have going in camp might have a lot to do with the guy "creating" it, for those that have not met Ryan, he is one of THE most genuine, hard working, caring guys out there, who KNOWS bears. The bowsite community and Stickflingers is an excellent fit

From: flyingbrass
great outfitter!

Thanks Guys! More videos and updates to come.

With this expansion is your camp still 100% Traditional bow? Thx

Good question Charlie! It’s actually always been a bow only camp, but compounds have always been welcome. We currently cater to about %75 Trad guys but all bowhunters are welcome

From: SteveB
Well done video, message is loud and clear. Congrats and best wishes!


Mike the Carpenter's embedded Photo
Mike the Carpenter's embedded Photo
If I never bear hunted again, I would be fine knowing I went with the best I could find. Ryan, thank you for having me up to Bear Camp.

After smacking a bear on the a$$ with my hand one night at “Determination” stand (wanted to see what it would do. What did I find out?...those bears can move FAST!!! Note to self, don’t do that again), I shot this bear the following night on a different stand. Shot distance was 6 yards and a single homemade wooden arrow through the heart allowed me to watch the bear fall over and expire.

Worse part of the whole thing was having to leave. What really surprised me was the total lack of mosquitos.

My son's first bear hunt this past year. Enjoy

From: spike buck
Great video!! Congrats to you both

Well done! It is special to hunt with your Dad then your son!!!

From: Ibow
Great video. His thumbs up... priceless. The last time I saw, he’s grown and definitely a miniature Ryan.

From: Cazador
"Give him a poke".......... Index finger extended......... Excellent video.

From: 3under
Good stuff!!!

Got an opening for this spring... May 26-31

From: BowJangles
I was up there last year and took a good bear. I need to stop chasing other critters and get back that up there with the recurve. David and Manny were outstanding start to finish!

From: Shiras42
That smile made my day! That is simply outstanding. :)

From: M.Pauls
So awesome to see that vid again, now if that don’t put a smile on your face!

From: Herdbull

Herdbull's embedded Photo
Herdbull's embedded Photo
Ryan runs a great camp and is a very honorable guy. I've hunted with him several times and plan to go back. Mike

Still one opening this spring...SOLD now! Stay tuned for Adventure results

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