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Frost everything?
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BullBuster 26-Feb-19
t-roy 26-Feb-19
BullBuster 26-Feb-19
Bow Man 18-Apr-19
From: BullBuster
We all know about frost seeding. What are your thoughts about frost fertilizing and frost liming? Seems like one may get better soil penetration than after full thaw because of run off.

From: t-roy
Other than N, they spread fertilizer on the crop fields here in Iowa in the late fall/winter all the time. Mostly a matter of timing, IMO. If your fields need lime, the earlier you put it on, the better. It takes some time to break down and assimilate into the soil.

For food plots, (other than lime) I usually try and put my fertilizer down and incorporate it into the soil within a couple days of spreading it. I’m not doing a huge amount of acres. Agreed, the runoff factor can sometimes be an issue.

From: BullBuster
Thx T-roy

From: Bow Man
Spreading lime when the ground is frozen avoids compaction and will improve fall plots since I have read that it takes 6 months for lime to work.

Broadcast lime does not affect soil pH past 2" depth. So depending on root depth and penetration, lime has it's limitations.

I would lime lime first and fertilize for planting.

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