Life’s short. RIP Todd
Whitetail Deer
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From: LesWelch
I always enjoyed talking with Todd. Would have seen him this weekend.

From Katie Pringnitz

At 3:16am Todd was welcomed into Heaven. I am thankful for his complete peace that he is feeling right now and comforted that he is with Jesus. I was laying beside him, holding his hand, and had my other hand over his heart when he passed. He seemed so relaxed as he passed and met Jesus. I am sure he yelled "Yea buddy" as soon as he entered Heaven's gates. ? The first thought I had was of John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Because of this I am fully confident that I will see him in Heaven someday soon, as this is what Todd Pringnitz believed. ? ALSO IF ANY OF YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO TODD BEING TODD, LISTEN TO THE PODCAST TODAY. THE INTRO IS CLASSIC TODDER

From: Boone
Yes, very sad that this has happened to such a nice young man.

Godspeed Todd.

as I have said before, and this also goes for Dwight, when someone from the brother hood leaves this earth, I take out a cedar arrow, I write the name on it, and send it with my long bow into some beautiful country of the UP...... its just fitting,,,,,

I loved his dvds,,,, hard charger

From: Rut Nut
RIP Todd!

Les- do you have a link to his podcast for those of us not familiar with it?

From: Pope125
My #1 arrow this fall , will have his name one it . RIP, my good friend you will be missed greatly .

From: Bow Crazy

Bow Crazy's Link
This will get you there, and more... BC

From: Altizer
God bless all that he left behind. How exciting for him. God,s blessings to all.

Very sad indeed.

True story.....many years ago a friend and I flew to Iowa for the Classic. We went to a nearby bar on the Friday night and was asked to join a large group of hunters at a big table. It was very dark inside. We were shooting the crap when I mentioned a story I had read about a guy from Michigan who gave everything up there so he could follow his dream and move to Iowa to hunt big deer.

The guy sitting across from me said " would the guy you're speaking of happen to be Todd Pringnitz"? I said " yes it is". Then he said " well look to your right...he's sitting right next to you".

We all laughed. It was a great night and one I will never forget.

R.I.P. Todd

From: Pasquinell
Life is short here on earth but like his wife (?) said getting right with God will give you eternal life in heaven. I am glad to hear he had Christ in his life. That guy killed some nice deer!

From: Hawkeye
Great story David:) RIP Todd.

From: jdee
RIP. God bless the family.

From: 2 Points
I have been on Bowsite for years and, even though it sounds like he is popular, I don't know who Todd is. But, it doesn't really matter, he shared my love of bowhunting. RIP Todd. Groundhunter, whenever I lose a bowhunting buddy, I take an arrow with an old broadhead and lean it against his casket.

From: LesWelch
We raised over $50,000 dollars at a 2 hour auction last night for Katie and family. Super moving to see the industry family pull together and do this. Way cool.

From: Bowfisher
Todd was one of a kind, and in the best way possible. He will be oh so missed. RIP Todd

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