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Bear Project is DONE
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I finally got around to editing the last episode of "The Bear Hunting Project." It was a neat experience to share camp with champion body builder Eric Bethune. He noticed my Youtube videos, and contacted me about coming up for a hunt. Well the rest his history, and his reaction when he found his bear is one reason why I love guiding bear hunters!

From: grape
Another great video Dave

From: jmail20
Always enjoy watching your videos and I've actually picked up a lot of tips that I have started to use in making my own videos. Especially like the way you use slow motion as a special effect. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks guys, it's fun creating these videos, but as you know Joe a lot of work. I'm glad you are using some of the techniques you have observed, it sure is fun when it works out.

From: Ibow
As usual, just an awesome job David! All of them are nicely done!

Good Job Dave, your getting me pumped for bear season.

From: BowJangles
Very well done David! Thanks again for everything.


From: Mark Watkins
Awesome! Well done!


Your welcome Eric, let's do it again soon!

From: Shug
Thanks for sharing

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