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Another Wyoming Harvest Data Question
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fastflight 26-Feb-19
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From: fastflight
I have been Pouring through the elk harvest data in Wyoming and am trying to use it to confirm my plans to hunt the southcentral units or convince myself to go all the way to the west side of Wyoming. The report breaks down the elk harvest by bow and firearms for each unit. Some units have a very low percentage of the elk that are harvested with bow and the highest I found was 45% by bow. So, I can look at this two ways. I can justify that I should go to the unit with 45% bow harvest as this shows that there are elk in the unit during bow season available to hunt. I have also thought that maybe I should go to one with a lower percentage of harvest by bow as there must be less competition. Which do you think is more likely to be correct? I think the 45% was unit 10 and the lower bow harvest was 103 or 104 if specific units help your answer. Thanks for your help. I am really trying to figure this out without doing the honeyhole post people seem to dislike.


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Why start a new thread? Should have just asked it in the one you already started! Lol Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions...

In the non type 9 units, the archery harvest % can be wildly one way or the other based on how many people are actually hunting with a bow, besides things like where the elk are during September, which in some places is zero to none and some, a lot. You need to know if the unit has a resident herd or if they migrate in - also if they're entirely on private for part of the year. You can find this all out with a call to the warden for the area.

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