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GPS watch for backcountry
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From: travistroop
I'm looking for a GPS that I can use with my smart phone. I want to be able to use my phone or GPS (but preferably my phone) to pilot way points and then just use the watch as a compass for distance and direction. I dont want a map on the watch or have to use it to try to plot the points. Anyone know of a watch that can do this? The best would be if it linked to onx app.

From: travistroop

From: Buckskin22
Onx on your phone gives you distance and direction. What do you need the watch for?

From: travistroop
I was hoping to use the watch so I dont have to keep taking my phone out and I could save the battery on the phone

From: BigMo
Check out the Garmin Fenix series GPS smartwatch. Love mine

From: Predeter
I have a Fenix, it's great but won't sync with OnX like you want. I'm not aware of any that will.

From: leftee
I have a barely used Suunto Traverse Alpha for sale if interested.

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