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badlander 27-Feb-19
LKH 27-Feb-19
BMF11 01-Mar-19
Scoot 01-Mar-19
badlander 01-Mar-19
From: badlander
We had a guy that sounds like he’s backing out of our elk hunt plans this year after I had already included him on the online party app info.

Short of calling FWP, is there a way to go online, pull back up my party, remove one name and add another? I’ve been all over the site and can’t find it if it’s there?


From: LKH
You should call and have their site open when you do.

From: BMF11
Last year the same thing happened to me and my group. I called and they (FWP) told me no need to change a thing, as long as the number of people in your group doesn’t change. Obviously, make sure everyone uses the group number assigned.

From: Scoot
Call. Situations like this are clear as heck to me- call them. Don't be scared of them, they are there to help.

From: badlander
I appreciate the info guys, i’ll give them a call once we have our replacement.

I’m not afraid to call them, I just had it in my head that there was a way to view the party and make changes without going down the touch tone “press 1 for English” rabbit hole... maybe I was thinking of WY??

Thanks again!

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